Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Throat Infection Pregnant

    male summer Cinemas: An endangered species

    Incredible summer nights I spent watching a movie in the cinema. Used to do a double session: We paid a single entry and could see two films in a row. In reality they were only a courtyard filled with chairs and a white wall on which was projected, but those movie nights under the stars had something special.

    I particularly remember the movie of my people, with metal chairs, hard as they can be ... But the urchins that we did not matter as long as having fun.

    You could bring your own food and drink. Whenever I went, I had a sandwich that never survived until the interval. I ate it just entered. There were also stalls where one could buy trinkets to withstand the pull of two movies.

    Like they do in many arenas, rented pads to be somewhat more comfortable. So they put a cushion on the chairs, but then had to return them to the exit.

    Another thing I remember was their entries. In fact they were beginning to sell tickets a while before the movie and then a man picked up at the door. The ones I remember were green and were evidently not numbered ... There was no row or seat: Everyone would sit where best they could.

    In every city had one of those movies that unfortunately have been disappearing absorbed by the multiplex in the mall. It has been losing that tradition of outdoor cinema in which I was always uncertainty about whether the night would spark a bit and suspended the screening. I remember like in the last few nights of August, it was necessary to bring a jacket because it was beginning to cool and so people were taking aware that summer was coming to an end.

    Unforgettable those nights when the moon and stars that went with his mouth open until late. The laughter, fear, fright and even the odd cry that I will have spent in the cinema of summer. Impossible to forget ...

    a couple of years ago, vacationing on the beach of San Juan in Alicante, I found a survivor. A summer cinema survives there rooftop of a building. Obviously I could not help swallow the two movies that cast that night, more to remember old feelings that the films themselves ... It is possible that there lost in some towns or cities are even some of the cinema. I refuse to believe that there have been extinguished completely.

    you "Do you know someone who has been able to survive competition from the multiplexes today?

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mount And Blade 1011 Mods England

    If you want me .... Go!! Songs

    recently was in a bar with some friends and do not know why I remembered this famous phrase made popular by the great Lola Flores. Whatever she did or said had a huge media coverage and this pearl of little phrase, it would be less.

    The truth is that when the blaze was a little nervous the poor ... It was logical: Her daughter could not marry. In part it was a little blame for the situation because in a fit of passion for the English people, invited to the wedding of his daughter Lolita to all Spain. He said a few days before the event in a television program: "The whole of Spain is invited to this wedding." And of course ... Then what happened happened.

    So many people came to the call of the Pharaoh, that the church was completely collapsed and even had to intervene in public order forces. She was not idle, came to the door of the church and giving chest Do shouted:

    can not marry!!
    If you really love me ... Go!

    That was enough for the phrase appeared the next day in all the media. Such was the impact of the sentence which, even today many people repeated in humorous and even continues to appear on television. One example is the final chapter in which it appears Aida Carmen Machi. Precisely the actress said goodbye with the phrase of the TV series that made her famous.

    back to the great Lola Flores another of his momentazo was when the trial for tax evasion, and asked each one English peseta, in order to pay its debt. I really had a great appreciation for the English people, who certainly loved her, and did not hesitate for a moment assume that their fans were not only for good, if not also support it in moments of difficulty.

    This artist had a personality so strong that he could stop a live television performance from the public to find a gold earring that had fallen. If you search the video on youtube, you will see what I speak.

    But nothing comparable with the sentence "If I want to go ".

    Here you have a video that is the time in question:

    Anyway ... Another great phrase eighties has gone down in history. "Do you remember?

    Incidentally If you want me ... Stay!! jejejejeje.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Signs Of Ageing On The Face

    few days ago I published a post about the mythical phrases advertising. Today I return to advertising world, but to remember the songs and music of some ads, no doubt many of you will remember. A good catchy tune is a great claim to promote any product and the proof is that today we remember and humming many of them were created many years ago.

    is that the power of advertising is enormous and break the barriers of time ...

    are many songs that I grew up ... but me first come to mind are:

    • Sparks ... "Your first colony" : I really do not know how smelled this cologne, but even today occasionally humming in shower the song.

    • Faral ... "We have a new girl in the office" : This ad was devoted to women, "modern" that they were making headway in a world of work so far used almost exclusively to men. The protagonist was a woman bursting of the 80: I worked in the office, went to the gym, out with friends ... A real example, go.

    • Nougat the almonds ... "Come home for Christmas" : This is a classic among classics. Has remained very much alive decade after decade. Each year at Christmas drew a new ad, always with the same song. If there is someone who does not know the chorus of this announcement is that it is from another planet.

    • Apis Fried tomato ... "Long live the gorgeous meals" : Great among the great ads!! It was a version of the song Alaska "Horror at the supermarket" but applied to this brand tomato sauce. Every time I meet a girl named Pili I remember this song, jejejeje.

    • pretzels Rica ... "What do you want for tea??" : Teresa Rabal, an icon of my childhood was paid to sing for this listing. I loved these cookies, not only for his drawings, but because they were really good.

    probably for some time published a second installment of these little songs because I come to mind so I have to leave some for later ...

    And you ... What jingles the lifetime you have recorded in the mind and there is no way to throw off of them?

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Play Rosetta St Rsd Files

    mythical advertising Tulip and the helicopter never

    How many school playgrounds will be flown this helicopter in the early 80 ...? Probably dozens of them, cheering the morning to hundreds of children running with outstretched arms to receive (Or at least that's what I thought when I was a buck that I believed everything they said on TV).

    It was an advertising campaign Tulip became fashionable and was highly successful. Supposedly, the helicopter arrived at a school or a sports hall full of kids and mothers and children were offered sandwiches to the Tulip tested and should say they were great. They also interviewed the mothers, who never tired of repeating that his children were strong and happy since it was snacking Tulip enriched with vitamins A, D and E.

    When I was a kid I believed this at face value and always had the dream and hope that the helicopter Tulip chose my school and landed in the middle of the courtyard. Obviously this never happened ... The truth is that everything was ready: Children and mothers were actors and actresses and it was all staged. Surely it was just a publicity stunt and the helicopter never existed beyond a simple decor. But then, in my childish imagination was not thinking about the fact that a helicopter landed in a crowd was really impossible (because of the danger of decapitation child, among other things ...).

    Tulip helicopter fiasco is one of the great disappointments of my childhood ... How many false things we will set our hopes when we were kids?? Is that we spent deceived by children everywhere!

    Here you have a couple of videos of the ad so you can see how false are the lies of the children when they say "It is absolutely delicious .. I could eat five !!!". How would you get to the mother of this kid to make him say these things??

    I recently read an article in the online edition of the magazine El Jueves made me burst out laughing. They did a mock interview the pilot of the helicopter today must have been about 70 years and was already retired. In this parody, the pilot has their suffering to the land between the kids and as the anxiety of being recognized led to an addiction to whiskey made him think of even in Japanese kamikaze style jump on the happy kids whose cries can still remember their worst nightmares ... The article is hilarious (or at least I thought so when I read it, lol). Worth reading. This is the link.

    Besides commercial and helicopter campaign, the truth is that the tulip was present in my sandwiches and the whole of Spain. Any sandwich (sausage, salami or whatever) is smeared a good layer of this margarine supervitaminada. In theory they sold as an alternative to animal butter, so that was supposedly healthier and made us grow stronger and develop properly. The reality was that it was full of pure fat thickeners, derived from plants, that yes ... A whole generation hermosotes chubby child and have to thank her difficult childhood to the product as "healthy."

    me I not only ate it on sandwiches ... I also had slices of Tulips well, nothing more. And my mother was so calm because as vitamins A, D and E, because there was nothing ... today do not know how I could eat those slices that was actually bread spread with a paste rather tasteless soda.

    I hope not too many myths children have fallen to this post ... But this is one of my childhood trauma and it was time to bring it up (writing a blog is cheaper than going to a psychologist, hehehe).

    thought not to, but I could not resist ... I have to mention the parody Thirteen Tuesday and made this announcement. I leave the video and judge for yourselves. I think even better than the original listing! ;)

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sudden Fast Heart Beat

    milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar

    These are the essential ingredients of this product which I have eaten some several tons during my childhood. You have already guessed that it comes Nutella rich in all varieties: Black, white and pink (yes, yes ... in the 80 had also Nutella strawberry).

    Every evening when he returned from school, I sat in front of the TV to see the children's program at the time (or Sesame Street to play at that time ...) and my mother prepared a giant sandwich picnic of Nutella.

    I liked to mix the white with black in the same sandwich, which resulted in a gray paste, but it was scrumptious! In contrast, the strawberry Nutella in my house was not too successful, and what you see in any house did (quickly withdrew the market). In fact, I have not been able to find any pictures of it on Google.

    The Nutella always came in glass vessels were washed and then could be used as water vessels normal. Most of the glassware I remember at my mother when I was a kid, were recycled cups Nutella (another example of how our mothers looked for the domestic economy, lol). There was a time also came in cups. Years and years I was having breakfast in a brown shirts from the Nutella.

    had no competitor .... The only product that had some shade was the tulip, also accompanied our snacks for years.

    But it was the birthday of a classmate, where his mother curled curl: We prepared slices of bread with Cola Cao Tulip and sprinkled on top and. . It really tasted like Nutella! It was a mixture of all my favorite products for children. When I saw them and tried them in color freak, lol.

    Another place was the star, was in the schoolyard. Ente Bollycao, Phoskitos, Pink Panthers and Tigretones always had a companion with Nutella sandwich. comiéndoselo large mouthfuls. We do not know how the apañábamos but he brought the sandwich of Nutella ever asked him for a bit and he left us a little bite ... Not too much, so do not run away. It was like something traditional could not miss.

    What do you think of the ads? Everyone stuck to the tune that " Milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar ... Nutella! ." I guess some of these ingredients have a lot of colors, preservatives, sweeteners etc. but that at first seemed the healthiest food and richest in the world.

    With our Nutella sandwich were happy ... We needed very little to smile when we were kids, right?

    Without a doubt, I can state that Nutella has earned the title "Queen of our snacks."

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yaoi Furry Yiff Flash Games

    Angela Channing, the owner of Falcon Crest

    Entry suggested by our reader Rocío Figueroa through a private message Facebook.

    Angela channing falcon crest What
    bad very bad was this woman, by God! I was picadísimo small in this series, it was a soap opera to the American. In fact now seen from the kid still amazes me that I like these American series, which in principle were not intended for my age (Dynasty, Dallas, and above all, Falcon Crest).

    This is the character that brings back memories. Was the owner of a large estate of vineyards and controlled everything, both the finances of the family business as the members of his family. Was securely attached to their children ... It was a mother with lots of character, lol. Would have seen her now for any Teen called "nini generation" ... The firm would have to earn the bread and the first opportunity.

    appeared in the series
    Lorenzo Lamas (yeah, yeah ... the king beds) than what no ... adored his powerful mother. It was the only child who worked on the family farm, had another daughter crazy, I do not remember his name ... But Angela Channing dominated it so that even made their marriage failed, and was locked in her room by taking pills. With a mother like anyone crazy!

    I loved the luxury and waste that had this woman, always followed by Chao Li, his faithful butler Chinese. I called him small Chu-Lin, as the panda at the zoo in Madrid ... Kid things they hear bells and do not know where. This steward was complicit in all his misdeeds, secret plotting and silent, reaching far beyond their professional duties.

    Anything that got him between the eyes Angela Channing, so just getting whatever cost. If I had to deal with any other extended family to protect their businesses or keep her family together, did not hesitate a moment to develop their evil plans.

    This series won in the 80's in Spain, where shocked that a woman of character which carry the reins of a business of this magnitude. It would be a pioneering mark the beginning of the change of mind and opened gap toward equality in our country.

    you sure that you also dazzled those impressive mansions and those big car luxury and glamor overflowing in abundance, right? Television was different from the current idols in those years ... In short, times change and the role of protective mother of her family now have Belén Esteban ... To return Benditooooo God eighties !!!!!!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Deep Red Bridesmaids Dresses

    mythical advertising phrases

    In the blog we talked about TV shows, movies, cartoons ... But there is a section that unintentionally we all remember: The statements and advertising slogans that only with mention, we already know which product we are referring.

    advertising, sometimes much to our regret, has been interrupted for decades all the programs that we saw on TV and crushing force again and again with the same sentences like, getting us the we learned. I remember when I started to issue Tele 5, "friend chain", that being a private channel put lengthy commercial breaks ... I guess to get more revenue (as after all it was a company).

    From the time when the commercial break was called "intermediate" to date has been muchiiiisimas memorable phrases. Some that I now come to mind are:

    • Search, compare, and if you find something better ... Buy : It was an advertisement for the detergent Columbus. Leaving just a manager of the company listing the whitening qualities of this product and when you love the house were almost convinced ... Was the last straw with this devastating ruling. Who would distrust a slogan like that?

    • How soft! Is it new? ... No, wash with Perl : This ad featured a woman on the bus and approached an unknown man who stroked his jersey and asked if it was new. The lady in question, instead of screaming or calling a policeman, what he did was smile brightly and said: No, washed with pearls ... This cane should be softening, which even softened the character, lol. The following video shows a block ad from 1985 which includes, among other things, a Perl version of the ad. (I'll take it! Hahaha ...)

    • Cotton not cheat: This ad lasted for years and years ... He was a steward who ran a cotton wall of a bathroom to see if it was clean, and as is usually left over black cotton mouth of a tunnel I cleaned the bathroom for the lady. This was the dream of every housewife: That came out of nowhere and a butler and clean you up and down the bathroom ... To make matters worse, years later changed the old butler (which should be very old, the poor man to go around cleaning toilets) and replaced it with another spunky and grips. This one was the dream of every housewife ...

    • who knows, SABA : Not all sentences were to be cleaners. In this case what was advertised was a TV, just SABA brand. They made a play on words rather disingenuous, but that achievement that we all we learned the phrase in question ... That the end of the day that was the objective of the advertising campaign right?

    • It says Lorenzo Lamas, the king of the beds : Well, well ... Yes ladies freak it with this ad! Appeared a very young Lorenzo Lamas (Just right out of Falcon Crest) advertising a brand of quilts (Reig Martí). Lucia muscled without appearing pajama top and putting a sexy face that made all the ladies melt and convince her husband to buy these quilts and thus be something closer to this handsome fellow.

    • Jacq 's Seeking : No all ads were going to be for women ... In this case was clearly an advertisement for men which came a busty explosive that opened the zipper of the leather jacket showing some of their overflowing charm. Oh my mother, that was luck that such Jacq s! `! Then came the guy riding a motorcycle, with his black helmet and took the girl. And all for use this colony! A crack this Jacq `s also had a girl bike.

    • If you drink, do not drive : This ad was played by Stevie Wonder , who advised that not all English cogieran the car with one drink. Showed first hand the consequences of an accident. The truth is that at the time the laws against alcohol consumption were more relaxed (there was the much-criticized penalty points) and this kind of advice never came to awaken evil the consciences of the heads of families and increase our security.

    These are just some examples, but I remember many more phrases mythical history of advertising in Spain, I'll stop for a second installment of this blog post. What were your favorite? Surely you remember more.

    By the way, I are coming to mind letrillas songs and television commercials that are sure to remember all and consort to a particular brand, which obviously also take place in future entries ...

    is that advertising has always given much play.


    A reader ( Leviathan ) sent me an email this morning telling me that this was a post a bit sexist because of the content of the ads. The
    I just checked and I can actually agree that advertising in the 80 women pigeonhole marked cleaning and prototypes of man and woman who have nothing to do with a fair and egalitarian society. Sure, I guess that would be the reflection of an era ... Advertising undoubtedly plasma collective attitudes of a particular time and place. But just to remember and make some things of the past survive, we must try to change others.

    I changed the picture of the beginning of the entry , trying to be a little more "politically correct" and not offend any sensibility ...

    comments ads I have not changed because I do not think my part containing specify any sexist or anything ... And if any, keep in mind that in an ironic and humorous, since at no time have I tried to defend or advocacy of machismo.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brazilian Wax Instructional

    Steam Boat Books

    This was a collection of books that were popular when I was little. Before the existence of the consoles and the like, children used to read ... and not only out of obligation.

    At school they sent us books to read and then make a short, but I not only do I read those books, if not for me to read was all a hobby.

    books steamer accompanied me throughout my childhood. There were several colors: Was the White Series (for children), the Blue Series (from 7 years), and then there were the Orange Series (from 9 years) and Red Series specific and more advanced ages. Of the latter I did not have any.

    I had the most were of the blue series. When I was old enough, I was thrilled that my mother gave me a book in the orange (I gave it a year before the recommended age). That made me feel more! Generally

    were funny and flashy titles to attract the kids. I remember many of them: A troll striped Mariquilla the pelagic, The Pirate Tick Fray Perico and his donkey An independent ass, El Pampinoplas, etc. His subjects were varied: books of adventure, mystery, comedy, travel, etc.

    Almost every time I went with my parents to make monthly purchases Alcampo, I bought one of these books. I still have many of them ... Others went missing or were deteriorating. In fact, the photographs in this post are from the books that are still rolling down my parents' house, as a vestige of my childhood hobbies. Look at those who have survived over the years:

    Of these, remember the ones I liked were two, "Peluso " and "Fray Perico and Donkey."

    The first was a fantasy story that was about a forest that is accessed through a door in a hedge of bushes. A boy discovers the entrance and finds a kind of fantastic creatures covered with hair (reminded me of the Ewoks). The truth is that careful retrospect, this story has similarities with The Chronicles of Narnia ...

    Regarding the second book that I liked was about the story of a convent, and was very funny. The friars spent some very strange adventures and a friar named Fray Perico was always getting into trouble.

    These are just two examples, but this collection was huge. sure you remember other titles Steam Boat that I liked is not it? Source URL: http://sonic-generations.blogspot.com/2010/11/
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

How To Rebuild A Bicycle

    The knee (including the MC)

    life of those years was not to splurge. The clothes are reused over and over again and then some to another. When touched the pants ... did not pass anything. Wore a brace period. No matter if the hole was in the knee in the rump, or any other part of the pants. A parchecito of these and use one year more.

    more rigged
    mothers trimmed a piece of cloth more or less oval and other useless garment and sewn with great care over the hole in trousers. If the color does not hit a lot ... no matter (no one could be with those squeamish). If the mother in question was not too long, bought a knee adhesive that were already prepared. The iron from sticking and lasted over which lasted ...

    The other version of the invention were elbow, which had the same function, but for items above. In reality, elbow and knee pads were the same way. Just changed its name depending on where you cleave the invention.

    My mother even kept in a drawer old clothes of all colors and materials as possible to attend in case she had to cut a new parchecito to any pants or shirt. It was as the raw material of the knee and elbow pads.

    You could put in any type of garment. Even in a tracksuit, lol. So, the kids were going at that time purchased the MC in the Alcampo, Pryca, Continent, etc. full of patches. Look at the pictures that I found in my family album when I went to school. These images We are a group of classmates a day trip took us somewhere with the school. Obviously our tracksuits lined knee could not miss, jejejeje.

    The truth is that in an era when children were playing in the street and ran, jumped, we fought ... These solutions were necessary emergency, because the clothes really broke. Today, the kids no longer need these inventions because sitting playing video games does not wear much clothes ...

    Well, maybe if the crisis continues to move it back into fashion the knee ... It will be like a new retro fashion.

    you also sure you had clothes covered with patches of this type, right?

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Vertigo And Herniated Disc

    opens faviconera

    I recently discovered a link exchange with other blogs by friends including favicon in the blog and I have decided to participate. I've heard of such a system in places where I have learned so much and without whom this blog would not be what it is: The Showcase Rosa City and Blogger.

    That what is a favicon? few days ago I did not know. It is an icon that identifies each blog. This favicon appears both in the address bar and in each tab of your browser. In my case I added a "Y" blue, as it is the letter that begins the name of the blog (I was born in the twentieth century). This favicon should define the blog because it will be a representative picture. Following this advice, mine is not a single letter, if not hiding something behind ("" Remember the condenser Fluzo ???).

    Well, at the foot of the blog, just before the hit counters, I have placed a faviconera.

    What what a faviconera? This is a space for blogs those interested can host your favicon as though it were a graphic link. In my case it is a linear faviconera.

    This has many reciprocal benefits.

    what advantages What are these? Firstly it is free advertising for your blog, since each favicon has a link to your homepage. Second, get your blog a link to improve your stats in Google. It is also a way to meet other bloggers to exchange ideas, comments, etc.

    how What You place your favicon in my faviconera? Easy. Only you have to contact me with a comment on this post or through email (yonacienelsigloxx@ymail.com) and provide data link, which took my blog as an example, will be something like:

    1. Name blog: I was born in the twentieth century
    2. blog url: http://yonacienelsigloxx.blogspot.com
    3. favicon url: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7CEghmHxCac/TOe9NvXo_1I/AAAAAAAAArI/iR_KMem6qAo/ s1600/Favicon + Fluzo.gif Only
    must meet several requirements as your favicon has a size of 16 x 16 pixels and that your blog does not contain any unlawful, pornographic, racist or sexist.

    What I ask in return to include your favicon in my blog? Absolutely nothing. However, would appreciate a link to my blog from your site or in your own faviconera in your blogroll, adding a link button, or you consideréis free time. If you still include you in my blog, you consider that you should not link back to yours ... Well, nothing happens at all, but I hope in the desire for cooperation and collaboration among bloggers.

    Encourage them to participate ... Benefits us all!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Clip Art Of No Infection

    Baticao the blog, and other gifts Turbocao Cola Cao

    When I was a kid, whenever Cola Cao drew a new gift (mixers, glasses, removers, etc..), It became fashionable and all the world wanted to have it. They used to come in large boxes, and I as one would expect, he insisted over and over again until my mother bought me that box of 5 kilos that I lasted a whole year (until the next promotion or the next gift). There was

    day that I take a Cola Cao, with the froth and those grumitos liked me so much. Not like the "Pseudo-Colacao" Turbo selling now ... It is not the same. Where is the Cola Cao classic life, new inventions are removed. Also to remove the Nesquik, which I knew to ground (although for many people this is very debatable, lol)

    Such was my desire for the Cola Cao, I loved having all these chorraditas of aparatejos for remove my glass. The truth is that after several years of collecting Tackle-Chaos, ended all stored and forgotten in the back of a kitchen cabinet.

    The variety of gifts was enormous, but my favorites were:

    • The Turbocao : It was a kind of miniature mixer is battery operated. He had a "sails" of white plastic that went into the glass of milk and stirred, making a froth come out great. Sure, the splashes are inevitable (and subsequent reprimands to fill the entire kitchen droplets of Cola Cao). The Turbocao was not too hard, and I remember playing to stop the blades with your finger. It did not hurt, and everybody knows that when the Devil has nothing to do with the tail kills flies.

    • The Coctelcao : It was a plastic cup with a lid ... His name says it all. Filled with milk and stirred like a shaker. I liked all over the kitchen to remove my Coctelcao, giving a stunning Wiggles (all that gave of themselves arms), always under the threat of my mother: "As you open and pour the milk, you'll find out !!!!".

    • The Karaocao : It was a glass as before, but had kind of a microphone attached to the handle that distorted his voice. Menudo songs I've stuck with my Karaocaosaltando me around the house ...

    • The Baticao : This device I got it when he is old enough ... In fact, coincided with the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and depending on how far your Baticao full of milk, had a few brands that could boast of getting a gold medal, silver or bronze ...

    Many more gifts from Cola Cao ... but I do not got to have. Others were the Bombacao, the Maracao, etc. but those already left them to kids for generations because unfortunately a growing and left behind in all these "kids nonsense" as I said when my mother wanted to continue buying these no-se-to-chaos.

    Do you remember any other aparatejo you like this? Your custody sure any of them yet, right?

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sound And Audio Device Ibm Tinkpad T60

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