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Rash On Arms That Looks Like Scratches

    A season with the Silver Arrows

    A European season racing team Mercedes-Benz seen and experienced by journalist Federico Kirbus.
    Other commandments day ban at the same reporter both in racing as the horses. And of course we were. "We" were the three musketeers, who were four, Magazine Speed: Folco Doro great as editor, Gianni Rogliatti who now lives in Turin, the incomparable Ronald Hansen and the author of these lines. The rest were specialized technical publications such as engines, cars ...!! Sight and Ford World dedicated to the art and mechanics ("Do it yourself").
    No, no journalist could live this profession, which in any case was a hobby. You had to have another job, another occupation, another job. Fees: zero. But anyone had paid to have their scores published. When January 1955 arrived in the country racing team Mercedes-Benz, the legendary Rennabteilung, I was the only local journalist to remain in contact with the press officer, Arthur J. Keser, fluids with my knowledge of German.
    After living here, almost, for several weeks with the clan around the team manager Neubauer, Stuttgart Keser invited me to join the press department at the English section (there were, in addition to German, a division for French and one for English). In the short time I went with the Germans in Buenos Aires became good friends with several members and shared some of the gargantuan feasts of "Gordo" Neubauer, who knew in the heart of a restaurant run by Federico Bückert, who famously in Berlin in the '30s and '40s had been a place where I used to attend another gourmet chubby gourmand: Hermann Göring.
    do things! Funny visits were also a country house with pool where Neubauer had to wear his pants as makeshift bathing trunks. One Grand Prix of Argentina 1955 is still considered today as one of the "race of the century" .. With good reason: the four best riders in the time machine of the four leading brands: Mercedes Fangio, Ascari, Lancia, Gonzalez-Ferrari-Maserati and Behra, Moss well. A blazing sun, unbearable heat. One after the other competitors were giving in calling for change of driver. Moss also fainted. But was reprimanded because his own Herr Neubauer was not only by the temperature on the track but outside the night before.

    When I agreed to work in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim I should address the problem of travel costs, even though Germany had secured a good stipend. To be able to devote to journalism had a regular job, and that was in a cardboard factory in Lanús Oeste. The salary was fair but with every month that was spent was delayed settlement more and more and more until finally I had more than 12,000 pesos m / n. When the company took over the new owners offered me pay half of the debt: 6,000 pesos. I decided to spray and set fire to bonzo investing all this money on my trip to Germany, namely: 5,600 pesos in a round-trip passage aboard the Anna C line Giacomo Costa Fu Andrea, and the remaining 400 pesos train ticket Genoa-Stuttgart.
    How were 6,000 pesos? Amounted to U.S. $ 200, or 800 DM. $ 1,000 (4,000 frames) you could buy a Volkswagen Standard. And here, about $ 6,000 then, a brand new family home pituca and fees. The same day I arrived in Stuttgart, was in early May, I found myself in my new office that had just arrived a newscast that showed the accident he had suffered Karl Kling with Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR at the Mille Miglia, by Ratico . In the small theater we saw the episode: a top, a Slap, and nothing else. Anyway Stirling Moss won the famous 722, Fangio was second half hour.
    I often wondered what was the relationship between pilots and Neubauer. Well, Fangio was the undisputed number one, and it is likely that he has to apply what they have Twisty once said the same in the time of the Alfetta: "When you're the champion, you always have some donkeys under the hood" (the engine was officially W 290 R 196 HP, though it came time to generate some 314 HP, a fact never published elsewhere). But Fangio could hardly be understood, because babbled an Italian Balcarce, and Neubauer did not understand a knob. Ultimately communicated by signs. Stirling Moss was walking so well however, Sport and sometimes even better than Fangio, because Rudolf Uhlenhaut communicated with directly. Uhlenhaut was in charge of the preparation of the Machines (Versuchsabteilung), and although he was German, was born in England and spoke the language of Shakespeare with the same solvent as the language of Goethe.
    Hence Moss cars always have the best set-up, at least for him. Kling was an engineer, but it certainly was not as fast as JMF and SM. Besides the camaraderie prevailed, and everyone knew what was his due, for example to Moss, as a bonus, winning at Aintree. Sport In competition testing was quasi-free. Incidentally, besides being virtuoso technician and a lovely human being, Uhlenhaut walked on the track during testing, the pair of Fangio or Moss, and some time even faster. For the rest, which Mercedes-Benz he wanted was to get the world title. And the natural candidate was Fangio.
    remember one day, or rather one afternoon while I attended the Sindelfingen plant car assembly (in Untertürkheim engines were assembled), I found myself suddenly with a slim figure hoping not know what . Charlie was Menditeguy. I thought for a moment because of the multiple relations had reached a position of reserve driver in the team, but was waiting to remove a car, I think a 300 green, to take home.
    From then on it was to my attention by English-speaking journalists. My direct boss was Count von Urach a gentleman. And my first race I attended was Monaco. Here was a series of improvisations and unexpected: Hans Herrmann that accidents and injuries in training, a Frenchman named Simon received while he was shaving, from Neubauer to replace and take over the team's fourth car, then race, successive departures from Moss, Kling, Fangio and when he began to tap, Alberto Ascari with his famous falling out with the Lancia Montecarlo Bay.
    Bitito Mieres
    to lead briefly reached that day. Finally triumphed "Petoulet" Trintignant Ferrari. Trintignant was always Burgomaster of his hometown in the South of France and excellent counter jokes. In some photos from that day I can see swaying, Leica and Rolleiflex in hand, between the boulevard near the rail 50 of the Gasometer and not-so-blue waters of the bay. The 200 runners who passed me looked at me bewildered. In fact intrigues had already begun on the eve of the race. The German team was staying at the Hotel de Paris in diagonally opposite the Casino, and while Fangio was accompanied by his wife, Beba, there was an attempt to sweeten the evening with a stunning blonde, but the rest chose Twisty. This off-road racing before. A Bitito still saw him briefly in the pits after of the race. He later took the express to Paris, where he owned a "whorehouse." It was that night in the almost empty train that had one encounter with a famous American actress who tells with cryptic words in his autobiography "Why be normal." For my part I went to the Mercedes-Benz 180 to take home for Grasse, Grenoble and Grand Route de Napoleon. At noon the next day the car was shattered in a Swiss city. There I learned that you can spend a night traveling and retain sufficient reaction time.

    Back to Stuttgart we are preparing to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans. We work Press rigor. The team concurred with three 300 SLR and three pairs of drivers. I took a test drive of Porsche and went through the French countryside covered with thousands of crosses of the extensive cemeteries with the dead of the battles in the trenches of the First World War. In the pits at Le Mans had arduous task because of the three pairs of drivers who alternate driving and only two were Germans. With the rest I had to act as interpreter when needed: Fangio, Moss, John Fitch, with Levegh less. Alongside Fangio Argentina fans had even more in particular I remember a young Oscar Cabalén. After the race with its dramatic initial alternatives to its tragic outcome. I was saved because he had gone through the drama scene two or three minutes earlier. I managed to take some photos of the eighties and many dead lying on the floor, not without some horrified spectators rushed out with blood stains me my jacket. The rest is known: Le Mans 1955 was really a fact hinge for world motorsport. As I dozed in the chair reclined Porsche 356. When I returned to the pits midway through the gray morning following Rennabteilung I learned that he had retired from competition at midnight. Headed back to alternative paths, and a gravel road in the countryside with gala and went skidding into the ditch. Excellent card professional, two test cars, and two consecutive Slap.
    learned what was later applied with success and luck a hundred times during my travels in the interior of Argentina, that in a gravel road and speeding should be held right wheel steering and braking, and then turn . Brake and turn at the same time, it will not. In my work as head of the press I went with some frequency Neubauer's office, who called himself Oberingenieur. A title he invented nonexistent equivalent to "super engineer." Bad language to say "der Dicke" was so imbued with Mercedes-Benz that its navel was in the form of a three-pointed star. He was a genius anyway logistics. Their road maps for the Rennabteilung be moved from Stuttgart to a Grand Prix was simply remarkable: true scripts with directions for each person and each vehicle, step by step routes, supply points along the way (suppliers), but also high to eat and stay overnight.
    better course would stop where they ate, and in this sense El Gordo still had the experience of his travels throughout Europe before the war. There had been much destruction, but the pate foie restorancitos special still exist ...
    My stay in
    Presseabteilung offered me, besides accumulating practice in the profession at the highest level, not confessed yet another possibility: to delve into the recesses of the office to collect historical material. Ronald Hansen planned to write a book about the business of Mercedes-Benz in major international races, but behind the scenes. Sniffing and tracking, one day I discovered several dossiers and correspondence relating to the powers in the Coastal and mechanical problems affecting the W 154 / M 163, Fangio, Kling and Lang. This episode had been forgotten, and I could then rebuild the real problems that caused the debacle of the German team against the Ferrari of Froilan Gonzalez at the Grand Prix Juan Domingo Peron, held on February 18, 1951. The downside came midway through the first race for reasons of Surging fuel or fuel outbreak, in plain, drowning the carburetors. The team from here in Extensis telephoned and telegraphed to Untertürkheim to reach a conclusion, closing one of the cables as lapidary as pathetic words: "Wir sind ratlos." A brutal and simple confession: "I do not know what to do."
    At the factory, on the dynamometer, the technical replicate the climate of the Coast of Buenos Aires and found a solution: managed to prepare a carburetor with a different tuning to ensure a perfect stoichiometric mixture or too high ambient temperatures. But something unexpected happened: at that time there were no daily flight connections between Buenos Aires and Europe. Alitalia, KLM, SAS, BOAC and Air France had one, two, at most three services per week, 36 hours of flight! And while it would have been possible dispatch by air of carburetors modified in the lab, would not get time to reach their destination. That's because the second Grand Prix competition called Eva Peron was played on Sunday following the first, but now on Saturday 24 since February was inaugurated on Sunday in Buenos Aires the Pan American Games.
    was the only time, and for that cause, that an event of this nature was held on a Saturday. And this was the day that he missed the Mercedes to get in terms modified carburetors. Bingo again to Froilan. Archival research during my stay in Stuttgart also managed to rescue a set of pictures that were a copy of the plans in ferroprusiato Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR with all the details. Half a century later Clemar Bucci could provide this material that allowed him to recreate three exquisite life-size models of this unique sports car career. As in general there were many technical details that German technicians had built their creations, apart from the revolutionary desmodromic command at a time when steel springs still allowed to produce valves that do not begin to float beyond 8500 rpm.
    For example, it was aware that the W 196 R had its good extra kilos compared to competitive machines, and had to save weight wherever possible. (W Mercedes Werksnummer means, ie serial number, and 196 was the numbering). Thus, note how much detail, hex heads all the pins were slightly concave. If each of the hundreds of bolts of the vehicle it saves a few grams, the result was felt. At all times we took into account that the mass of the vehicle was a decisive factor in the performance on track. This golden rule states that the three vectors of forward movement of an automobile (speed, climb, advance the level) the maximum power is only required for the latter condition, to climb and accelerate what matters is the ratio of torque / mass. The matter was then extract the maximum torque and engine power while achieving the lowest possible weight.
    To be well prepared, the team prepares before each race, and each circuit, a diagram (Renndiagramm) with clear indication where to put the different changes, where what speeds were reached, and so on. All calculated by hand. One thing: to change from one gear to another is guessed a loss in the acceleration time two-tenths of a second. For all drivers, except for Fangio, who was assigned to do a tenth gear. With ten changes per lap, pulled Twisty there again, although in theory, one second full rotation. Although Mercedes had a much larger budget workshops that Italians, French ateliers and garages English nothing is wasted. In the 1954/55 season, with a total of 14 races in Formula 1, built 14 units of W 196 R, in eight different versions (the W 196 S Sport cars apart). In comparison, Maserati, Ferrari or Gordini used the same vehicle, but with successive improvements, for a season or more times.

    Among the various powers of calendar 1955 (Great Britain, Belgium, Holland) played as a special event Grand Prix of Italy. It was an important event because it not only meant for Silberpfeil
    mouthed wolf (Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia), but because authorities Speedway Monza track had decided to modify the building a banked curve as previously had been another. Since the track and became the fastest to be replaced by the horizontal parabolic banked, it was decided to try his luck again with a full aerodynamic body. Gordini also introduced a streamlined version, but with much smaller engine and therefore no chance. To further speed up communication between Stuttgart and Monza, the engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut had built a very attractive truck, nice lines "aerodynamic" and the engine of a Mercedes-Benz W 300 S to take and bring vehicles between the two points.
    The truck ran his good 160 km / h and attracted the interest of the public rather than race cars. Since the canted Satellite was to be used for the first time, pilots were familiar with it. Bread was made of concrete and was not very couple say. With Fitch, Moss and Taruffi Piero (who ran for the brand this time) went to the curve to see their bill. Even they agreed bets on who would be able to walk up the gradient, without using their hands in the upper. Although the slope appeared smooth, in practice it was impossible to climb on foot, even very clean.
    In October 1955, after concluding the racing circus, returned to Buenos Aires. Had invested in the venture to the penny, but came back with some good savings. At year's end Borocotó retired and retired from The Graphic, and I was left as his replacement because my practice creating a more technical journalism where it matters most "multiple" of Emiliozzi that the circumstances in which he had been off Toscanito pure . Assisted by technicians from the likes of Don Pancho Lucius, engineers Sierra Rafael Antonio Bianchi and could help guide the racing vernacular into lanes safer.
    Y also thanks to the experiences gathered over a full season in the Mercedes-Benz Rennabteilung. Ah, shortly after Ronald Hansen to write another book, not about the secret history of Mercedes-Benz but on none other than Juan Manuel Fangio. The first title related to Fangio in English and French.
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    With the engine behind 32,000 km adventure

    Chronicle's 1959 F1 championship, where Jack Brabham would prove that no matter bring the engine back or forward, was one of the largest of its time.
    In 1959 the first major change that would modernize the F-1. After 6 decades of sporting competition that had prevailed in the use of propellants in the front of the cars, maybe John Cooper following the bold steps of the Auto-Union in the late 30's, decided it was time to evolve their experiments of previous seasons and go to all their advanced small and T43 models, T45 and T51.
    Jack Brabham, a quiet young Australian and New Zealand were named Bruce McLaren Cooper's official team but there were other pilots in private courses such as French and unfortunate Trintignat Maurice Stirling Moss also ran a test with BRM. Coventry-Climax engines seemed purpose-built to these bullies and nimble cars that left the driver in a more central position and laid back than it had been customary until now.
    Ferrari, with its front engine model 246D led more traditional brands with Tony Brooks, the American Phil Hill and Wolfgang Von Trips German noble in their ranks. The first three events saw three different winners, Brabham in the tortuous Monte Carlo, Sweden Jo Bonnier with BRM in Holland and Brooks in France. Since then, Cooper was made with 4 of the 5 remaining GP of the year winning the championship with sovereign authority and to brand the drivers Jack Brabham in the memorable final at the U.S. GP.
    Only got away victory in the German GP at the AVUS circuit which fell back into the hands of Brooks, using the gearbox failures in Cooper's Brabham and McLaren. The previous day, incidentally, was killed Frenchman Jean Behra in a career Further prototypes falling from one of the camber of the track slippery Berlin.
    Behra was thrown from his porch and was killed instantly by giving his head against the mast of a flag. Without telling him, in the first decade of F-1, death had mown to 5 riders.
    1959 World
    1, J. Brabham (AUS / COOPER) 31 pts.
    2 º T. BROOKS (GBR / Ferrari) 27 pts.
    3 º S. MOSS (GBR / COOPER) 25.5 pts.
    4 º P. HILL (USA / Ferrari) 20 pts.
    5 º M. Trintignant (FRA / COOPER) 19 pts.
    COOPER-CLIMAX 1, 40 pts.
    Ferrari 32 pts 2 º.
    3 º BRM 18 pts.
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What Is Difference Between Immobiliser And Icats

    French Revolution II Women

    Many events of the French Revolution, some known as the convening of the Estates General and the King's execution, but there are others not as well known as the looting of a paper mill which occurred on April 27 1789 in the Paris suburb of Saint Antoine and preceding the violent events that end with the storming of the Bastille.

    We invite you to submit contributions of lesser-known facts about the French Revolution ....
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When Does The Cervix Close Before Period

    The incredible saga of the brothers Stoessel which in 1928 made the trip from Buenos Aires to New York with an unbreakable Chevrolet.

    Although not mentioned in his book "32,000 Miles of Adventure" (Buenos Aires 1930, 270 pp.), brothers Adam and Andrew Stoessel was inspired to his trip to America in the raid Aimé Tschiffely with Gato and Mancha, the Swiss-English began in April 1925 in Buenos Aires and ended three years later in Washington.

    What does stand out, and this shows the Stoessel visionaries is that they seek to signal future directions for the Pan American Highway, it would end up taking final form only in the early '40s.

    '28 Chevrolet With a brand new left hand drive (unusual because in Argentina was circulated on the left and then all the cars had right direction) began the long journey in his hometown Arroyo Short, among Pigué and Coronel Suárez, at 8 pm on April 15, 1928. After passing through Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, Santiago and Tucuman largely using farm roads as there were no roads or paths, arriving in Salta on 30 after the first great quagmire of 23 hours by rain.

    try to reach the Quebrada de Humahuaca, but can not pass through the floods in Volcano. Prove more successful then the Quebrada del Toro, where the roads were excellent as were the service Huaytiquina FC. Passing through the borate deposits of the Salinas Grandes de Jujuy do not see no sign of footprints or impressions not car tires. "An Indian who was sitting at the door of a miserable hut, could not tell, because they do not know a word of English, and not even realized the scope of our questions in spite of our expressive gestures," until "finally, jubilant Adam shows us a trail of rubber on the soft earth, "to the Indian showed them the soles of his sandals made from a piece of cover car.

    pass in Bolivia Oruro, La Paz and across the Salar de Uyuni. With great difficulty, having to open tracks, go to Cuzco and arrive on August 28 in Lima. Similarly to Tschiffely, spend periods of famine and the Indians refuse to sell animals, they have to eat eggs sometimes. "We could not, of course, let us die of hunger in the midst of the mountain, and it was therefore necessary to put away his revolver to demand that sell us what we asked." A violent snowstorm makes almost die in the mountains.

    In the Peruvian Andes (as in other sites too) were out of gas and had to walk several days to procure fuel in drums. For Puquio Huancacocha and must make their way to pick and shovel, building bridges and drywall precarious slope paths, they need more than 20 days to transpose 36 miles (180 kilometers).

    already in "the country where it never rains" arrive in Lima on 28 August and are amazed by the large number of children of the Celestial Empire settled there (they had been hired to work in the construction of the FC Central del Peru). They are surprised that the Chinese restaurants "not quoted the value of the food but also of the dishes that contain them, charging ten cents a smooth plate, fifteen by one striped and 20 for flowers."

    In Lima , however, they had run out of funds. Lima acted providentially in those days the company Argentina's theatrical circus Segundo Pomar, a businessman who organized a benefit performance of Stoessel. In Lima, there are many weeks, for lack of money and because they fell in love with several beautiful Lima. Repeated romances lived in several cities and thus lost (or gained) long. To all this his mechanic Carlos Diaz decided to stay working in the city of the viceroys an excellent job offer he received as head of a workshop.

    In the deserts of sand that later had to cross, footwear supermedida tires, reinforced and half the normal pressure not to sink. "
    near Trujillo are in the middle of nowhere with a group of people "about listening to a rock musician who played shabby bearded guitar and sang songs. Got off the car to see, but immediately surrounded us with rifles pointed at us and carrying guns in their clothing and claiming the mandatory surrender of all that we had ... and the threat of a half dozen fire hydrants even forced us to rid our clothes, perhaps to avoid the hassle of reviewing their pockets, "magnanimously letting the car because none of the outlaws knew how.

    After going through many adventures with Ecuador and Colombia go across the great plains of Venezuela. Encounter at a time with wild Indians (seen in the film) who live by hunting and gathering. The poison for arrows is prepared in this way: the weeds are collected and boiled needed in a large pan. To check whether the toxin has reached its point, making the most veteran of the tribe, and four have it face down on the pot, if he died, the concoction was ready.

    arrived in Caracas after eleven months, and May 18, 1929 to Mexico, where they stole the celluloid film, film that is then partially recovered copies to be established along the way, because many parts cast their adventures for a living. The copy that survives is a reconstruction. Among the many setbacks
    figure (and this is documented in the film-video) that when crossing a river, it got stuck. At night the waters rose and covered the vehicle. With patience disarmed and dried everything and rearmed.

    would remember the final "Magdalena River alligators, tropical fevers, relentless mosquitoes, deserts, swamps, jungles, the bandits of Trujillo, Nicaragua and Almorzadero, and cans that were our daily menu for 15 days while we were building a track in order to continue. "

    They estimated they spent 6,000 gallons of gasoline, which seems much because if you traveled 32,000 kilometers is clearly excessive consumption of almost one-liter x mile. Instead it is likely to have broken 43 tires (tires).

    The May 6, 1930, after 25 months of travel, arrived in New York. In Detroit, GM made them a great reception, leaving his car in the Chevrolet museum. One of the great feats of the car had been written by Argentines.

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What Is The Toilet Paper Roll Test

    Italian driving lessons

    Chronicle Argentina Grand Prix 1953, marked by tragedy, and which succeeded Alberto Ascari.

    afternoon it appeared Alberto Ascari at the Autodromo Municipal "October 17" for their first training session to learn about a track that would lead first to the fourth round will we registered a time of 1m50s. There we had an index of their capacity and for Ferrari. In a new session failed to establish 1m49s, and Juan Manuel Fangio, the Maserati 1m49s1/10 command.

    The difference was minimal, but the Balcarce told us that "had given everything." Was admissible in evidence classification, and perhaps in the race, if the struggle required it, was likely to Maserati lowered the time, but accepted that that machine Fangio was near the limit.
    's afternoon qualifying lap was not possible to those days of practice because rain prevented it.

    began to roll the machines to more than two minutes, but so rain dwindled and the track was drying up in part-time gradually decreased. The 1m55s4/10 of Arcari (Ferrari) was the best, followed by Fangio (Maserati), 1m56s1; Villoresi (Ferrari) 1m56s5, Farina (Ferrari) 1m57s1, Gonzalez (Maserati) 1m58s5, Hawthorn (Ferrari) 1m59s4, Trintignant ( Gordini) 2m00s4, Manzon (Gordini) 2m00s9, Gálvez (Maserati) 2m01s3, Menditeguy (Gordini) 2m02s6, Brown (Cooper Bristol) 2m03s7, Schwelm Cruz (Cooper Bristol) 2m03s7, Birger (Simca Gordini 1.5) 2m03s8, Bonetto (Maserati) 2m04s2 and Barber (Cooper Bristol) 2m06s8.

    Little did we say these days and they were subject to when they started out as the rain stopped and then raging, and was hit for the moment when the track was under puddles and high fall less water. Serve only to set the starting order, and it determined that the first line was Ascari Fangio with rope, and "tight" on the other side by Villoresi and Farina. The latter made test with the machine because his Hawthorn was wrong, to the point that the engine was changed for the day of competition and Farina had to walk the first lap with the caution that is a "squishy."

    Say something about the machines. The Ferrari has four cylinders and an output range of 190 HP at a speed of 6,800 rpm. Its weight, without pilot walks through the 610 kg The Maserati have six-cylinder engines and power similar to the Ferrari but at a speed of 7,500 revolutions per minute. Your weight fluctuates in the 580 kg The Gordini have six-cylinder engine, weight of 540 kg and can reach 160 HP at a rate of 6,000. The Cooper Bristol also have six-cylinder engines, a weight of 508 kg and a power of 130 HP. The leading Birger Gordini Simca is one of the known for us with four-cylinder engine and a rated power of 110 HP. These data are not specific, because there are always secrets and is very difficult to know exactly, especially with respect to the Ferrari and Maserati. As we accept, always "hide" something. The reader must take as approximate, and if anyone is in the hands of others, we have also collected various reports.

    In training sessions we had the impression that Ferrari went very well and that he had Ascari 1m49s significant margin. Both Fangio and Gonzalez agreed that they were fastest when they saw in Europe last season and reportedly obtained it was due in part to decreased weight about 70 kilos, while the Maserati increased by about 30 to strengthen chassis in the rear. Onofre Marimon informed us that he seemed to see the Ferrari with more reaction to the exit of corners. All this led us to accept that they were the most qualified.

    arrived to our country more lightweight and had suffered only one defeat in Europe in the fourth Grand Prix of France in Reims verified and youthful vigor to the Jean Behra in command of a Gordini. In the Monza test was at the forefront Gonzalez with the Maserati losing accumulated in the fight when he stopped in the pits to refuel.
    In this competition the Ferrari came under full load in order not to stop for refills. In the preliminaries had set a time of 2m05s4 Ascari, in the race lap record was matched between the champion and 2m06s1 González. That is, when the charge consumption shrank by Ferrari came at the speed of the Maserati. The third time corresponded to Monza with Manzon Gordini: 2m06s4.

    You can add other background and record in Modena Gonzalez was about to beat the Ferrari, but to be "plugged" in the Villoresi last round lost to by just 4 / 5 of a second arrival memorable. But as we said, it was agreed that Ferrari came to our country more rapidly, without thereby losing efficiency, which was amply demonstrated by the performance that accounted for at the racetrack. Only one machine was, and the accident to Faris, is, not attributable to the performance of it.

    The other three came in the top rankings and only they "snuck" Gonzalez, due to their ability and tenacity without limits. "I thought not to stop once and I had to stop four times," he said after the race. The arrests, except one for tire change, was due to mechanical problems. According to their statements at the beginning is joined on the grid paper subtracting air to the radiator and cause overheating. That, and the intensity of the fight when struggling to get the second place, determined that the machine lifted Froilan much temperature and was forced to abandon that contention and stay in third place.

    By setting the lap record in the 64 th with 1m48s7, immediately Ascari was ordered to go for the record, and was so made 1m48s6 in the 68 th, and after the 73 th 1m48s4. Without getting into comparisons of leaflets, we by force refer to the situation of chasing González Villoresi in this battle for second place. If Gigi was a star and still is an excellent conductor, the truth is that years and blows his ardor that dwindled. However that could withstand the hit from Gonzalez and to distance themselves, following the signs which it was sent from his position. It was not, then, a comparison of men only, but more than that machine. Good times achieved by Fangio and Gonzalez emerged thanks to the tremendous effort of them obtained by the Ferrari drivers, while recognizing the virtues of them, among which is the champion, were conquered with less effort.

    is the impression we had already before the race, which was confirmed in its development with the smooth functioning of the Ferrari. At a time when Farina had placed third behind Fangio can see progress in the columns of partial complete these reviews. With motor still soften somewhat in Balcarce approached and stood there expectantly until the time of his defection. The efforts of Juan Manuel (which exceeded all expectations with respect to fitness after such a long absence) failed to catch up with Ascari and immediately get away from his pursuer. It is another detail that we offered in the match race between the two machines makes candidates more directly to victory.

    If at any time, and then all of detention alternatives, Manzon came to be the second that confirms what we stated in the Gordini. Had to change rear tires and lost the French post of honor. Later in the 68th, he ran a wheel and was able to stabilize your machine Manzon with visible effort and ample demonstration of his gifts as conductor. A wheel, a straw that breaks, a differential that fails, none of that happened to Ferrari. Is that the long experience of a technical organization that has 25 years of struggle agree to these results, do not run a car for details. Because a machine is not only an engine, is a set. We do not know if Ferrari's competitors could break the granite fortress of a technical organization as experienced. It seems difficult at the moment, and that could determine the global motorsport look very hurt by the dominance of the home victorious.

    Time will tell. For now, we almost dare to say that the first test score for the Ferrari World Championship has already conquered. Certainly there is plenty to go yet, but the demonstration of technical efficiency along with excellent drivers, including Ascari is an induce to look at things in a way. It was, therefore, a suit of men but, more than anything, machines, although in the case of victor's just acknowledge that it has reached the ideal combination, man and machine. The formula of success in motorsport, so exposed to all mechanical contingencies, was present in our Autodromo.

    If the Maserati could not match the line of his direct opponents, if Gordini, in particular that of Manzon, was for one thing, the less modest aspirations Bristol Cooper had with their low power. These British machines, which are originally the German BMW that we met here in such sport, have not improved in proportion to the years. Are the same for almost 20 years and think it is fair that they should have seen the progress that corresponds to the two decades of extreme acceleration mechanics.

    First arrest of Jose Froilan Gonzalez for a disadvantage in motor remedied shortly. This will have to add three more, losing second place
    Froilan As we have seen in them, and what we know about the power that reaches to 130 HP, the truth is they can not compete with other brands attendance and who have remained stagnant while the whole world motorsport has flown more than running. The excitement, therefore, was in pursuit of Juan Manuel Fangio in second until lap 36 to finish third and cross the line to start the 37 th the machine stopped.

    Prior to that, and from the beginning, warned that its differential Fangio was wrong, but continued because circumstances demanded it until we saw jumping differential gears. That is the truth, jumped to the pits. Until then, we repeat, Juan Manuel had overcome his own physical condition with a will and boundless enthusiasm. What he accomplished is up to you. The machine was not answered to the extent of his hopes and ours. The same can be said of Gonzalez in terms his career, with all the disadvantages that mean four arrests, though brief. We subtract one, tire change, because it also did the same who preceded him. It is possible to say that Gonzalez ran more than the Maserati, and that he 1m48s7 tore it tooth and nail clipped to the circuit.

    Behind him stood the promise he represents Michael Hawhtorn, the 23 year old Englishman months ago, in a letter from our friend Juan Carlos Guzzi, asked us to write down that name among the most outstanding flying the new generation. For the first time led a special machine and it was here in the race that comment.

    He did very well, and it is more than a promise, and took a step forward. Engineering student, left the books to follow the course set by his vocation. Can be quite pleased with what has been done and we welcome and we also remember as a promise contained in our pages for some time thanks to the correspondence of the friend mentioned above. Hawthorn

    preceded Oscar Galvez, who made the race I could. " Without adaptation to the machine, was significantly improved as the trial unfolded. I had already mentioned, it is not easy to jump from a road car, which dominates, with which the steering wheel has "grown up" and appear as overnight to be a pistard. Is another weight, another volume, another power, a different braking, a multitude of details and setting machine which require a long time to adapt, because Oscar needs to "wean" his own and get used to the new.

    would need to continue competing in track, which is what they asked Fangio, Gonzalez and the people of the Maserati, but Gálvez not very determined to go to Europe and continued. Awaiting the outcome of these races to decide. That is why adjusted to better behavior, serenity, wisdom, without any rush that might be detrimental to him and the machine. If some addicts his thought on the possibility of a victory that would have meant a miracle in the case of normal race. We believe that had an excellent performance. We have outdone three Ferrari and an experienced and capable as Gonzalez. This is "the balance" and a failure in the ignition.

    Jean Behra was the one who was ahead of his team in the standings. Does not walk very well because this boy who was five years motorcyclist in his country and won championships, comes from the Carrera Panamericana, where he won the initial stage. The second road left to walk over 200 miles per hour. Fell off a cliff, with 14 vertical meters, and with a fortune extraordinary, since only broke three ribs, there was a wound on his forehead and nose injury. They had to do surgery cosmetic skin grafting of her arm. "But," we said, and someone expressed, "Is not that enough?".

    Yes, I really was lucky because one can imagine what it means to fall from 14 meters high with a car that will walk a hundred times over. Preceded Trintignant, but this machine Schell directed in the last laps. And finally, the modest Cooper Bristol Barber and Brown. The latter was the who was ranked higher.
    length 16 and arrived 9, Birger was the first to leave after their hard work by placing the motor in acceptable working condition. It is unacceptable that the team has brought that Gordini pints in the conditions under which arrived in the country. If it was poor little less powerful, it was for that was as sharp as possible.

    Pablo Birger, his brother and many friends will worked hard to put in a position, but there was much to fix and there was neither time nor material to do so. And walked. Menditeguy had a malfunction in the box after having been at the forefront of them, and Schwelm Cross with Bristol Cooper, broke the tip of the shaft. Of the other defections have already spoken.
    By now, therefore, has been the feeling of superiority manifested in the Ferrari and our impression of the effort made by Gonzalez and Fangio in the Maserati. Time will tell if they can approach those, and it will be during the European season. If the formula of success in motorsport is man and machine, the Ferrari had it and gave a strong step forward in the conquest of new title to which it aspires. Source URL:
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Teex Accelerated Paramedic Program

    The Intimidator

    Dale Earnhardt was one of the greatest champions of NASCAR, we review his successful career, that after 7 championships culminate tragically in the 2001 edition of the Daytona 500.

    In May 1975, the No. 8 Dodge began the World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway from a modest thirty-third position. With an engine power up to 10000 RPM, and led by one Dale Earnhardt, unknown 24 year-old, completed the 355 laps of the test ending in the twenty-second place, earning a prize of $ 2425. For those who would be one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history, was not too sounded debut, although Earnhardt himself, that day was one of his greatest triumphs. Ralph

    Dale Earnhardt was born in April 1951 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Son of Martha Coleman and Ralph Earnhardt, came to life with the speed running through his veins, since Ralph was one of the best drivers of short courses on land in North Carolina, going on to win the 1956 Sportsman championship, lower level of NASCAR.
    Although Ralph did not want his son follow in his footsteps in any way, so dangerous that could become those races could not stop the dreams of young aspiring pilot that led him to leave school.

    From then on, he became a hard teacher, and taught his son to run, seeing racing in category Hobby in his native Kannapolis. During those years, young Dale worked full time at a tire shop, and at night was in charge of putting pointed his car. He himself paid the cost of car maintenance, often asking to borrow money to purchase spare parts, with the hope of returning to the winnings from the races of the weekend.

    In 1973, a heart attack ended the life of Ralph Earnhardt, while working on his car in the garage of his home. It was not until many years after his death, when Dale thought his father could finally be proud of él.Tras that setback, Dale proposed to achieve success as a racing driver, and his determination led him to compete in the Sportsman category, which his father won his biggest hits, running near his home circuit, such as Hickory, Concord and Metrolina Fairgrounds.

    In 1968, only 17 years, Dale married Latane Brown, and in 1969 was born their first son, Kerry Dale. The following year the couple separated, and 71 Earnhardt remarried, this time with Brenda Gee, daughter of Bobby Gee, builder of cars for NASCAR. From this union were born a girl first, Kelley King, in 1972, then a child, which they named Ralph Dale Jr. in 1974. Not much after the birth of Dale Jr., the couple divorció.Durante that stage, Dale surviving day to day, struggling economy, and turned in an almost obsessive in his dream of becoming someone in the world of racing "Stock Car. "

    That dream became reality with their participation in the World 600, the longest race of the 1975 season, thanks to a deal with the president of Charlotte Motor Speedway, Richard Howard. While Earnhardt racing throughout the Southeast trying to earn enough money to feed his family, Howard was set at the impetus of the young aspirant, and occasional pilot convinced him to Ed Negre given a chance ceding the wheel of his newly acquired Dodge # 8. Earnhardt finished 10 places ahead of blacks themselves, and one place ahead of veteran Richard Childress, who would later have an important role in the Kannapolis Pilot career.

    During the three years he played a total of 8 races, the last of which was the Dixie 500 of 1978 in Atlanta, which drove the second car for Rod Osterlund, finishing in fourth place, one place behind Osterlund first pilot, Dave Marcis.Al finish this season, Rod Osterlund Marcis left to form his own team, leaving the owner with a list candidates to take its place. It was finally decided to provide an opportunity for the young Earnhardt, and confirmed as a driver of a Chevrolet for next season. Earnhardt considered this offer as the highest accolade of his career.

    In its first full year of competition, Dale scored his first Winston Cup victory at Bristol, at its sixteenth race in NASCAR. Eight races later achieved his first pole at Riverside. At the end of the 1979 season, Earnhardt won a total of 11 finals in the Top5, finishing the tournament in seventh place, and snatched the title of "Rookie of the Year drivers like Harry Gant, Joe Millikan and Terry Labonte.
    In 1980, with a young, strong team and determined to become a senior pilot, Earnhard beat veteran Cale Yarborough and took over the Winston Cup, becoming the only rider to have won NASCAR a championship the season after being named "Rookie of the Year.

    the middle of the 1981 season, Osterlund sold the team to Jim Stacy. Earnhardt, dissatisfied with the modus operandi of the new owner, finished the season driving for Richard Childress.
    the end of the year, Childress realized that his cars were not at the height of a pilot Earnhardt category, so they offered it to join the team of Bud Moore, sponsored by Wrangler.
    Over the next two years, the results were quite discreet Earnhardt, Richard Childress while riding his team with Ricky Rud, and had to fight for the championship. Earnhardt
    then decided to rejoin Childress, and they initiated a development program to win the championship. None of them could get to imagine the huge success they would achieve together.

    After the 1983 season in which Earnhardt drove the Wrangler Jeans Ford Thunderbird No. 15, winning at Nashville and Talladega and finishing eighth in the standings, there was a return to Richard Childress Racing.
    On a computer with 2 pilots, sharing a garage with Ricky Rudd, Earnhardt was at the controls of car number 3, also sponsored by Wrangler.

    During the seasons of 1984 and 1985, visited Victory Lane six times at Talladega, Atlanta, Richmond, 2 times at Bristol and Martinsville, finishing fourth and eighth respectively in the overall standings.

    The 1986 season saw as Earnhardt won for the second time Winston Cup, first win as owner Richard Childress. In this session, won 5 races, was among the top 5 10 times and finished among the top 10 in 16 ocasiones.Al following year, the champion successfully defended his title, and repeated championship winning 9 races and finishing in the top of the standings with a margin of 489 points over second-placed Bill Elliot. During the process, Earnhardt beat the record of 4 wins in NASCAR, achieving also be the first to win 5 of 7 races of the year. The formidable union of North Carolina driver Richard Childress bore fruit.

    In 1987, Earnhardt earned the nickname that he brought the rest of his career, "The Intimidator" after spinning cause of Bill Elliott returns late is now the All Star Race "non-points race for the championship, and then known as The Winston."

    The following year, the No. 3 Chevrolet changed his appearance to make an appearance BF Goodwrench, which replaced the Wrangler as a sponsor. With the change, car decoration became more dark, predominantly black, which gave Earnhardt his other nickname, the "Man in Black", which would add fame and notoriety to the pilot that you missed the track if it could not come on.

    won 3 times in 1988, finishing third in the overall after Bill Elliott and Rusty Wallace. The following year, Dale won 5 races, but a spin at the end of the proof of North Wilkesboro left him without the championship, being the year for Rusty Wallace.
    The 90's began with starting at Daytona. After winning the Busch Class "and the" Gatorade Twin 125's ", Earnhardt was leading the Daytona 500 with 4 seconds ahead, at which time the yellow flag waved and the race was neutralized. On the restart, with just one lap to go, the car number 3 stepped on a metal and one of its tires punctured, finishing the race in fifth position. The team overcame the disappointment, and during 1990 Earnhardt won 9 races, and won his fourth championship, after beating Mark Martin by just 26 points.

    91 year witnessed the fifth championship for Earnhardt and his team. Only managed 4 wins, but finished the year with a difference of 195 points over Ricky Rudd.Después to win her second set of 2 consecutive championships, the "Man in Black" was determined to achieve the third, but the introduction of a new engine and aerodynamic improvements in the models of Ford, made the Thunderbird will take the victory in 13 consecutive races between 1991 and last early 1992. Earnhardt's only victory this year came in the Coca Cola Charlotte 600, cutting the Ford winning streak. The 92 years ended with the number 3 in the twelfth place in the table, the worst result achieved by Earnhardt since he joined Richard Childress. At the end of the year, which was for a long time crew chief, Kirk Shelmerdine, leaving him to become a pilot, and was replaced by Andy Petree.

    The change was beneficial to the GM Goodwrench No. 3, and he returned to top positions during the 1993 season. Again came close to victory at Daytona, after dominating the "Speedweeks" before finishing second in the "Great American Race", being overtaken on the final lap for Dale Jarrett. On his way to his sixth championship, Earnhardt managed 6 wins, and could beat Rusty Wallace for 80 points of difference.

    The following year, the Kannapolis Pilot got what he thought was impossible, to equal the record of Richard Petty, convirtienose the second driver in history to win 7 titles in NASCAR's top flight, beating back Mark Martin by 400 points difference.

    The 1995 season began similarly to the above, with a further disappointment, finishing second in the Daytona 500, after Sterling Marlin. This season, Earnhardt won his first race in a non-oval circuit also for the win in Indianapolis, but eventually lost the championship by 34 points apart, and Jeff Gordon got the first drink of his career, in a symbolic over after the seventh and last title of Earnhardt.

    96 year began with the domain back in "Speed \u200b\u200bWeek", topped by the second in the Daytona 500, won a second time for Dale Jarrett. In July of that year, during the dispute of the DieHard 500 at Talladega, Earnhardt led the points table in search of his eighth title, when in the closing stages of the test, Ernie Irvan lost control of his Ford, causing an accident hub, which was poured into the No. 3 Chevrolet after hitting the wall. The images of Earnhardt being struck by several cars going around the hood at 300 km / h shocked viewers, but ultimately a relief to see their idol out of the car under his own power and saludando.Todo the world thought that after that Earnhardt crash brutal say goodbye to the season but did not surrender and was fourth at the end.

    The 1997 season ended without a win for the second time in the career of Earnhardt. That year was to be marked by two accidents at Daytona and Darlington, which prevented return to winning ways most popular driver in NASCAR.
    The last year 98 began with a joy. After 20 years of trying, Dale Earnhardt finally won the Daytona 500, beating Bobby Labonte. In a sign of respect, returning to the pit lane was with all members of the rival teams lined up to greet him, and then celebrated by drawing a large number 3 on the grass at Daytona. Finally I had conseguido.El rest of the season was not too successful, being eighth in the standings at the end.

    Before the start of the 1999 season, fans debated the age of the great champion, and on whether to let his son take his baton. His two victories in both races at Talladega did the public think that the talent of Earnhardt and only showed in the tests with "Restrictor Plate", but during the second half of the season to show his class again, winning in Michigan, in a race that was put in head at the very end.

    The year 2000 saw the resurgence of the star, to be recovered from the injuries he drew from his accident in Taladega in 96, but their performances were not good enough to achieve the eighth career title.

    The year 2001 began with Earnhardt as the favorite to win the Daytona 500. His television appearance showed that he was totally relaxed provisions to repeat the victory achieved in 1998. After a multiple accident that stopped the race got underway the final laps, with Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the lead, followed by the No. 3 Chevrolet. A 3 laps to go, Sterling Marlin, who had proved to be one of the fastest cars all day, was blocked by Dale Earnhardt, and both contacts. The No. 3 car lost control, head-banging against the wall. To be crossed on the track, the No. 36 Pontiac of Ken Schrader slammed the passenger door to drag for a few meters before stopping.

    Apparently the acciente not seem serious, especially compared to Talladega years ocuido antes.Mientras Michael Waltrip saw the checkered flag, followed in second place Dale Earnhardt Jr., the attendance reached the crash site.

    Earnhardt was evacuated to Halifax Medical Center by ambulance, and a few hours later, NASCAR president Mike Helton announced the death of the most beloved driver in NASCAR history.

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Recipe Of Waffle Hotdog

    Jack do it again

    Formula 1 was started the decade of 60 a new title for Jack Brabham, and more and more power in cars.

    The cars at the end of the previous decade had reached an unusual development in speed and performance had risen to 300 km / h in faster circuits, the result of powers and also roamed 300 hp.

    This to cars of only a half ton, rudimentary suspension that count, and began to turn into deadly trap. In the days of "gentlemen drivers", the danger lurking in every fence, embankment, tree, sign or portion of asphalt old. Only

    from recent years began to be felt security progress, largely thanks to the crusade launched by Jackie Stewart in 1966. The Pilots Association (Grand Prix Drivers Association) was on the other hand to help strengthen brotherhood among the pilots, perhaps because of the 162 pilots who played a GP go for the F-1 in this decade, 25 lost life in various motor sport competitions during the same ...

    In 1960 it was clear that the technical superiority of the rear-engined cars and almost all the teams adopted Anglo-Saxon, would be definitive and the more traditional Ferrari looked like they had to settle for the crumbs to a new model expected to quit the front engine to the 1961 season.

    Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren repeated again with Cooper, to master an even more overwhelming the championship the previous year. Indeed the young McLaren to victory in the inaugural Test in Argentina, while Stirling Moss who had joined the ranks of Lotus struggled hard, (as it was usual) to get the win in Monaco. However, to reach the GP of the Netherlands, Brabham became the batteries and started a five-game winning streak that led him to the championship.

    In the next test (the Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps) "Black Jack" came to dominate so insulting without losing the lead of the test at any time. The race was marked by two fatal accidents that claimed the lives of Chris Bristow (Cooper) and Alan Stacey (Lotus), the latter to the impact on a bird's face when he went to almost 300. Also Innes Ireland (Lotus) had to leave after taking in the endless shift of a spin manifold Burnenville over 200 meters long. In previous training two Lotus drivers, Michael Taylor and "jinx" Stirling Moss had been very strong breaks accidents suspension and steering, including it both by little.

    It then reflect on the thoughts that went through the head of Lotus driver only managed to finish the race, the promising young Scottish, Jim Clark, completed his second F-1 Grand Prix in fifth position. In the three races following Brabham continued to impose their law, first at the French track of Reims, then at Silverstone where he had the fortune of the abandonment of local hero, the Englishman Graham Hill with six laps to go and on the track of Oporto where is world champion after a stunning comeback. At Monza, Ferrari by Phil Hill won his only victory last year and an F-1 car engine front.

    However I must say that came thanks to the boycott of its main rival teams, (mostly Anglo-Saxons) who saw the track unsafe then had two banked curves and which is rolling averages above 220 km / h. The time may give them the right ... Moss finished the season with a win in California after his absence after the accident at Spa.

    1960 World

    1, J. Brabham (AUS / COOPER-CLIMAX) 48 pts.

    2 º B. McLaren (NZ / COOPER-CLIMAX) 34 pts.

    3 º S. MOSS (GBR / COOPER, Lotus-Climax) 19 pts.

    4 º I. IRELAND (GBR / LOTUS-CLIMAX) 18 pts.

    5 º P. HILL (USA / Ferrari) 16 pts


    COOPER-CLIMAX 1, 48 pts.

    2 º LOTUS-CLIMAX 34 pts.

    3 º FERRARI 26 pts.

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