Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Long Does An Anorexic Live

    When no matter the mess Based on hammering

    Defeat against bottom side and an image difficult to repeat. Five points and eleven the last position of a European place. The crowd calls - improbable - return to Rafa Benitez and his criticism ejected both players and Roy Hodgson . So Liverpool is about to start the new year 2011. But what will ? On whom lies the blame? We will leave institutional issues to target the 'must' of a team that does not exist when the pitch jumps, which is diluted and is not able to trace passages to a minimum sense of logic and danger.

    Starting from the back, and after serious error of + Kyrgiakos Skrtel in the scoring for the Wolves, What is wrong with Liverpool? The decision to or not Carragher (now injured) when Agger-theoretical back-it seems a permanent fixture in elementary. The Dane, eternal through injury, the Reds is what King Vermaelen Arsenal or Tottenham: a large central ballast provided by his physical problems, which leave no yield at an optimal level for several consecutive games, but vastly superior to Carragher. It would not hurt, either, Glen Johnson remind the importance of defensive zone on the side, something that usually mate sin Konchesky.

    How long can we expect to see Meireles in a natural position? To heeled right wing and lose each and every one of his virtues it is best to opt for Joe Cole or even keep adding opportunities for Jovanovic and Babel. It's a shame to see how the Portuguese were forced to move to the center, to open space between two rival lines to receive a ball. Lewis has already been settled in the midfield and Gerrard seems the perfect companion (?) As an eleven would be rebuilt where it can locate a decent Raul Meireles. And Maxi? Fair when he had chained it off several decent matches playing at home, despite how much I've criticized. What role occupied by the Argentine?

    "Torres Torres accompanied or solo? In December there is still no response, either English or injuries by the number of tests done in the alignments. This time it was to be the partner N'Gog attack and did nothing wrong. But ... we leave, then, Kuyt band without remedy? Having two men in attack, as happened against the Wolves, mines the importance of midfield where the couple is Gerrard, Leiva since two players are not made for the creation, so that attackers tend not to be supplied.

    many alternatives have been tested during mid-season and has played but none seems to satisfy Roy Hodgson, who is determined to change the schedule week after week. And all this not to mention opportunities to youth players that are absent except for some minute forced to Eccleston and Martin Kelly. In addition, omit the zero response team when the outcome is adverse, and add the sad number of shots on goal . Pending more options here we left our favorite proposal.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Milena Velba With Nadine Jansen

    The West Ham team is a blurred, blurred its image and complex environment. Part-time play well, now weighs more than its story, which is a problem, and is under the technical direction of a perennial question. Tucked away in the last position, the speculation about his tenure there is increasing. Doubts about its reliability are part of this, as well as the questions presented by his staff: remarkable quality, suspended in performance.

    Carlton Cole celebrates his goal at Craven Cottage

    A win at Craven Cottage allows the Hammers back to three points (for fourth so far this season) and, above all, dealing a hammer blow to their morale weakened base of defeats. Just a foothold to imagine salvation, to cling to the last inch of rope hooked to the Premier League. While all the London teams boast enviable health-saving Fulham fatigued after his magical year and in danger of relegation, "the district of West Ham fears for his future.

    Four will be the support of West Ham to delude itself with permanence. The first is in the goal in the deserved that trust must be given to Robert Green who, despite starting the season irregularly, once again demonstrates its best version. The second, in its central most promising and, being generous and optimistic, more present: James Tomkins. The young Englishman is finally done with the ownership and bright three games has curdled. In the first, against Manchester City, dried Balotelli (sorry the move Toure's goal), while the second was Highlights against Blackburn despite the draw, in the third, at Craven Cottage, showing all his qualities. To wit: striking out the ball, good passing game and future, a future. Its major defect, speed.

    The third point of support is Scott Parker, the coveted captain hammer. Would be insufficient praise but are necessary when participating in a game worth the viewing of it. Without going any further, against Fulham was instrumental in assisting that unbalanced score. In the fourth point of support should be found Carlton Cole, but sometimes pretend that he doubts. His two goals at Craven Cottage justify their ownership, their game of danger and back generates air power is proven. Four support to stay in the Premier League, four supports to keep hammering.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

80s Costumes Aerobics

    If Cahill, Howard and Moyes, Everton

    was not the best context to face Manchester City. Mancini those seven games without losing accumulated while Everton had the same series in reverse. Nor were logical forecasts match David Moyes because he dared to align Anichebe ahead of other strikers like Yakubu and Saha even Beckford. Once again, the Manchester City team showed its image inoperative meaningless and collective game. No Yaya Toure appeared, nothing was heard of Milner and Silva took little away. Barry, meanwhile, begins to be flatter than dangerous, more positional and less organized. His passes do not provide, just channel the direction. Join the direction of the ball without changing the intensity, without changing the meaning, without doing harm.

    Confidence Anichebe was in question, not the Tim Cahill, who again appeared to score on its head. Nine of the twenty goals of the Australian team were a must for a 'toffee' that move according to their effectiveness. Leighton Baines, who caught on a more than acceptable match another team move culminated to make the second. Tim Howard was also important, something usually irregular, but it gives you more points than takes away. And this time hit add. With the two-goal deficit on the scoreboard, was destabilizing and defining point of the match. Contribution came from the coach, the technician who reads, understands and acts accordingly.

    With Adam Johnson threatening the left wing of Everton, David Moyes went into action, despite the expulsion of Anichebe. She put Bilyaletdinov and Saha, fresh legs and motivated for the cause. He devised a plan to plug gaps to eliminate Zabaleta constant increases and stop the offensive of the City on the left side of the visitors, who had to move with constant and inaccurate attacks in the middle, and distant shots. Mancini, slow and passive, did not have a player to change the discourse of the party, to damage and defense through 'toffee'. In addition, Tim Howard showed his good side and sweetened the goals of his companion, also Tim Cahill. Deservedly beat Everton, Tim flashed and commanded David Moyes. Won the group.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Smashbox Make Foundation

    Sunderland qualify for Europe wants

    have spoken of several revelations in the Premier League so far this season. We're almost half championship and could say that the podium is occupied surprise teams Bolton, West Brom and Blackpool, Newcastle, giving the newly promoted team category high from the outset. If Owen Coyle is the most prominent coach, no less important are the names of Ian Holloway and Roberto Di Matteo. Despite not having secured his stay (I still think that both WBA and Blackpool will suffer nothing to string a run of bad luck) can now look to their rivals from the middle of the table with the peace that brings.

    Welbeck celebrates his goal against Bolton
    Less has been said of Sunderland. Only three defeats in history to think they can reach the European places. Why highlight the Sunderland? His last victory was over Bolton, precisely, which have exceeded placing sixth in the standings. And is not the first time they get a highlighted result. The 'black cats' do not know the loss to any of the top five (in the absence of playing against Manchester United) and have won eight of twelve points, in addition to remembering that magnificent victory at Stamford Bridge.

    Much of this upward momentum of Sunderland has signed Danny Welbeck , with five goals in their last six games. But it would be unfair to cite a name and forget his strike partner Darren Bent and Asamoah Gyan. May form one of the most feared trios of all Premier League. Lee Cattermole gets aggressive in the middle while the direction is up to Jordan Henderson. To make matters worse, and adding a new reason to think of them for European places, under Craig Gordon sticks is certainly among the top five goalkeepers in the Premier League.

    Craig Gordon, Sunderland goalkeeper
    Little by little they are doing their niche, they are brewing between the big and even allow the license to beat them. Today I read this comment on Danny Welbeck: "He is slowly making a name for himself". In addition, all the sports sites in England illustrated with her photo chronicle of the majority party and include your name in the headline. Steve Bruce should be happy, progress is obvious, and not just individual. Now have to know what limits they want to.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny Freshmansayings

    The words of our mothers II

    We again remind those catchphrases that our mothers repeated again and again ... Those that we have stuck in memory and that we have unwittingly incorporated into our repertoire particular.

    After the first delivery of these pearls maternal , I return with the second part. New insurance sentences that are common to all mothers, whether in the corner of the world are, and have forged our character and our way of being.

    important thing is to see with hindsight and see all of them said to us for our good and give us an education and social values, which is becoming scarce among today's youth.

    Some of the phrases I are coming to mind are:

    • Because I said so, period : This was the queen of the phrases ... Always served to settle any conversation. Also, after this sentence had the right to reply or anything, because the next step was to take a cock. My mother had to be very tired of me to say it, because it is so conversational and always tried to convince me with advice, but of course ... When I became annoying, because he said the happy little phrase and that's what it was given.
    • You take away the black to the fruit, and you can eat well : He said this especially with bananas I always had a black speck, and how sensitive I was to eat as they do not want them. But there was my mother to take the last Tozo banana, pear or whatever it was and made me eat it as if freshly picked from the tree. The advantage of the last fruit is that it made me ball like steak dry ... I told you I was very picky eater (which is not happening to me today).
    • I, I ... You, you ... : This was the worst threat to the world because you never knew what I expected after that sentence. I never knew, because I never thought to cross the threshold of "you, you ...". There was another version, which was: "Do not be or what do you ." This was also terrible, because we returned to the uncertainty ... When your mother does not know what you will do, is to be an awful doom!!
    • The expiration date of yogurt, is just indicative : Another example of excessive domestic economy. My mother bought the yogurt in big boxes because they were cheaper, and of course, we gathered at home with twenty or thirty yogurt that we had to eat before they expire ... As this was physically impossible, because I let go of the little phrase in question. So easy: "What they say the manufacturer is only indicative for people to dispose and buy more yogurt, but in reality the date is indicative only ... "Given these arguments, Who was going to counter??
    • already you pray that this stain is removed : He said this every time I play or stained clothing goofing with tempera or something. The truth is that I did not make any case, knowing that if the spot was not removed because there was nothing: I sewed a patch of another color in the pants or sweats and point. I believe that the spots that contributed to spread out the knee between my varied background wardrobe, jejejeje.
    • Do you think that money falls from the sky? : This phrase I never understood why no matter how small it was, I always knew that the money given away by banks. So do not understand why I wanted to buy all the toys that I requested over and over again ...

    For though not enough, after years and years to hear these words, I have not finished traumatized or I need a psychologist or anything ... Is that those were different times and mothers rather than pay a professional to fix your problems, arranged themselves behind closed doors, slipper hand.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How To Get A Rainbow For Club Penguin


    Hi, students of 1 º F. High School

    Do you know what the expression "Think Tank"? Is somewhat related to today's world, but the origin of this expression is in the Second World War.

    As I explained in class to make this holiday season you may have something to think about those who have not passed the matter shall make a brief research paper (one page or so) about the think tanks, their function, origin, etc. and expose their classmates as well as submit and respond kindly to questions of others.

    Each student approved to make a really interesting question, will win a point for the next review, and the note that exposes students depend on their previous work and his answers, so the class will become a "challenge" or play defense and attack, but I hope that there is too BLOOD! Source URL:
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Do Wwe Wrestlers Get Along

    Wit Dog Pet Makroute

    Another joke from my childhood which I spent hours and hours of silly laughter. I believe there can be no bad joke in the world ... but I did muchíiiiiiiisima grace. but all my friends and I knew, no matter tell us again and again to shake with laughter when I got the little phrase final, jajajaja.

    Is there really someone who does not know who the dog Makroute?? If so, surely has lived on Mars or Saturn lifetime. A childhood is not childhood without having had or heard this joke.

    Well ... Apretaros males, there goes the well-known joke about the dog and supermalísimo Makroute:

    This was a lady who had a dog named Makroute, and one day he escaped.
    The lady looked everywhere, until he saw a guard and goes and says
    - Excuse me, sir guard ... Have you seen Makroute?.
    And then the policeman replied:
    - No, but I like to see them!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, it's bad, right? As yet, when someone had, we laughed a lot, and he insisted with a laugh: "again, Tell it again!" And find the kid in question I could have two or three times and we always had lots of grace.

    Throughout the joke we had the emotion contained, outlining the typical smirk of someone who knows what will happen next. As he reached the final little phrase ... There already huge estallábamos on a rampage.

    I always thought: "It is to be ocurrrencias ... Putting that name to a dog!! Was the least that could happen to this lady. And to top it goes and asks a guard!! Jajajajaja ".

    kid things in order ... Or not so kids because searching the Internet, I discovered that not only exists Makroute dog if it even has its own blog: Dog Makroute . Obviously I have become his follower. Actually this is a humor blog where the author publishes different bullets as if he were the Makroute. Worth a visit.

    has published a graph. Look what I found a blog called Tirsorietas :

    Chiste Perro Mis Tetas
    Click on image to enlarge.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Corsodyl Hurts My Teeth

    our childhood

    During our childhood, in every event of importance came to light one or another pet that sometimes became more famous than the actual event yes. World Cup, Olympics, World Fairs ... They all had their pet.

    Along with these characters rode a whole paraphernalia of key chains, stuffed animals, stickers, toys, etc.. Compulsively bought all these memories. He even made cartoons with these characters as protagonists.
    Some of my favorite pets, for one or the other reasons are:

    Naranjito : This is the ultimate pet. It was the official mascot of the 1982 World Cup held here in Spain. I had a lot of toys with the image of Naranjito. I remember not to feel alone, shortly after he took a lemon called Citroni buddy and a girlfriend named Clementine mandarin.

    Osito Misha: It was the mascot of the Moscow Olympics in 1980. It was great because it was even a cartoon series itself! When I was little, I had a house full of stuffed teddy bear Misha. I even had a radio (I still have) with the shape of the bear. The truth is that the radio did not work very well ... never But I liked playing with it. Another thing I like about this bear was that the pictures always looked like he was posing and making posturita, lol.

    Cobi : Was it a dog?? The truth is that it was rare. Mariscal was a bit freaked out by a stranger who was always stupid, in profile. People made a hand gesture that symbolized this pet: It was as if I put the horns with the thumb stretched (just like in a concert of Iron Maiden Heavy Metal). The index and little fingers were supposed to be the ears and thumb his nose was ... Finally, design a display representing us worldwide.

    Curro : Also in the EXPO 92 in Seville, and its emblem was a mix of bird species gay flag and a tropical Pirulo. It was Curro. Do not know why you left a rainbow in the head, but the fact that it seemed Llongueras or Rupert had no mercy with him. Its peak was enough to smoke in the shower and wet is not smoking. If doubts about the kind of animal it was Cobi ... Curro already long story: Was a toucan, a dove, a tropical parrot?? Namely ...

    What house there was a stuffed animal, keychain, or anything else of these pets? Without realizing it, we let come into our homes and became part of our lives and our memories. Is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the image of these characters represent their respective events well, right???
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gay Cruising Place Kolkata

    13 Rue of Barnacle

    These cartoons were my favorites when I was a kid. It was a building that looked like a cage of crickets. He saw what was happening inside the apartments, and tenants were most strange.

    was the caretaker, always gossiping and malmetiendo, a tailor caught something that ended their suits in any way, a pension in which the owner sisaba all I could, and a long list of characters each more crazy and fun.

    On the roof there was a cat and mouse, which remind me of Itchy & Scratchy Simpsons because the poor mouse was always doing putadillas the cat, who suffered attacks resigned. Poor thing ... I was embarrassed.

    Another floor that made me very funny was the lady who lived with their dogs, cats, birds and lots of pets. He was always arguing with them like I was crazy ... A poor brought it down the street from bitterness.

    The grocer seized and predatory plant Low also seemed cool, he was always selling lentils thoroughly weighed with stones to more or selling chickens older than the poor had to crutches, lol.

    Anyway, I had characters to give and take. I spent the long hours with these comics and I think that, after saccharin buttons were my favorites.

    In this link you can see all sorts of information about these cartoons created by Ibanez, as well as its history and plenty of curiosities: the Barnacle Thirteen Rue

    As the saying goes: To sample a button. So I leave you some pictures to remember these comics:

    you also do you like these scenes? Which character was your favorite?

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Friday, December 10, 2010

What To Say To My Daughter In Her Third Birthday

    Dofollow Be my friend ... Books

    change daily entries of this blog, on the other that I think will benefit us all. It is simply inform other bloggers about the benefits of removing the labels "no follow" in their respective blogs.

    is a feature that comes preconfigured on blogs does not take into account certain links (backlinks). This limits the number of references that Google takes to award a position in your browser and to assign a Page Rank.

    words, labels should be removed "no follow" on our blogs so that Google accounted for not only links to other websites (banners, blogrolls, favicons, etc) but also the user comments.

    Each time a user signs a comment on the blog with your name, it creates a link to his blog that Google will take into account in their statistics. A greater number of links are best considered our blogs and get more benefits. This kind of links or backlinks are not taken into account if we eliminate the "no follow" to our blogs.

    I personally on this blog from the beginning I joined this initiative and removed these tags, as made clear in the footer or footer of the blog. Also added the icon for this campaign to leave no doubt about it: "You comets, I follow you." Here you have buttons to give this initiative in your blogs.

    If you want to know how to remove the labels "no follow" your HTML code blog, Rosa Showcase fully explain. See this LINK .

    If you want to inform you first hand about the "Dofollow" I leave these two links so visit it:

    - Blogs with Ñ.

    "had some knowledge about this? It is possible that yes, even you who are already pointed to it, but it never hurts make an entry about it because after all, we all benefit.
    So "Be dofollow, my friend."

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aluminum Travel Trailer Paint

    "Choose Your Own Adventure"

    This collection of books made me spend hours in my childhood with my nose glued to your pages. The good thing is that they could read over and over again, and then the odd more ... and history was never the same. Always changing.

    It was about books in which, after reading a few pages, offered several ways to start building or, as the title indicates well, choosing your own adventure.

    When the hero was about to happen any event, footnotes appear you options to move forward or backward depending on how you thought it was going to be better off:

    If you want to enter Haunted Castle at night, turn to page 30;
    If you prefer a night out and attempting to start the next day, turn to page 45;
    If you find around and go home, continued on page 51.

    chose an option thought was the right one, but after reading the next page I realized the error, and the hero could end up dead, haunted, or something much worse. Actually these are the few books for kids in which the hero terrible things happen. I remember one called " The cave of time" in which more than varying the choices made, always ended up dead: I ate a dinosaur, I froze in the ice age, I ran, I burned a fire in the Middle Ages ... and even ended up dying once trampled by a horse. What a trauma for a kid of my age, right? Well, no ... the kids really is not traumatized as well as psychologists would have us believe.

    course, I always, from my earliest childhood I have been a cheat in all games (what can we do ... cheating and piracy are my two weaknesses.) If you cheated in front of people in other games, imagine it with these books that no one saw me: When there was a crucial decision, put your finger on that page and if I did not like the decision he had taken, returned back and take reading by choosing another option. It sometimes took me back several decision-making behind, so that sometimes ended with all the fingers dialing different pages of the book and I was no longer free to continue reading. Would have seen me red-handed, lol.

    I photographed the last three books that remain forgotten on a shelf in the house of my parents. The rest of them that I had (about 15 or so) have lost one of those mysteries that no one will ever succeed in resolving, or if ... (When my mother was tired of cleaning dust off my old room, give my stuff to the neighbors to avoid this torture ...)

    All these books were also adventures were told in second person for the reader to mess further into history and it was really to take the decisions. I loved it because I made it and not someone else the only star of these books.

    And now finally, I propose an end to this entry in the style of the books of "Choose Your Own Adventure "

    "Have you finished reading this post that more or less reminded you of your childhood. I may have liked Having A more or less liked, but surely you had fun for a few minutes and made you exercise your mind and memory, much maligned items today ... What will you do now? "
    • If you decide to leave a message in this post, it goes to contact form.
    • continue reading If you prefer another different input , goes to the blog archive.
    • If consider that you have read enough for today, history has come to an end.
    elect What option? As I was a kid, you can cheat and retrace the path taken if any of the options does not suit you enough ...
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Soar Throat Hurts More At Night

    "Better safe" with Ramón Sánchez Ocaña

    Do you remember this program presented by Ramón Sánchez Ocaña? It was a program that will teach basics of health and first aid.

    Through a cartoon and a few cartoons, taught the English how to cure a burn, how to bandage a hand, what they were for specific medications, etc.

    also insisted much on food and what foods were healthier and what not. He was among the first programs to raise awareness of the benefits of the "Mediterranean diet." The mothers saw their children based supercharged Nocilla slices or sandwiches with sausage Tulip got too chubby. This program gave some a little more healthy alternative but much more boring.

    remember that I liked a lot because mixing cartoons with explanations. You learned a lot watching it. But to understand a little, self-medication until there is only one step. And my mother crossed with ease. I did all the potions that appeared on that program because if you said Mr. Ramon, could not hurt. The thin red line of excess of vitamins, Ceregumil scoops of royal jelly vials, was continually cross my house.

    The times that my mother weighed and measured me because the program appeared tables of weights and measures suitable for children ... The truth is that it started to be a bit annoying the whole story. I guess kids today suffer in their flesh the same martyrdom through Torreiglesias and "Learn to Live", which is a bit the heir to that tradition.

    Another time I remember being irritated eye (I've always had hay fever) and my mother had heard it was good to put a slice of potato. Then there was me all afternoon sitting on the couch with a good fat slice of raw potato placed on the eye. The truth is that I became irritated, but I think it was by the miraculous properties of this tuber.

    Ramón Sánchez Ocaña rose to fame with that program and, at least me, every time I see him on TV pro, I identify with "Prevention is better." The poor man was typecast and many other things he did, his image is inseparable from that program. By the way ... is that not a doctor! Is a journalist specializing in health issues. Do not know why I always thought he was a doctor ... I hope my mother never hears about this, because if I do not think it would take a pretty big disappointment.

    For here I leave a couple of videos with images of the program to remember it. In the first show the cartoons to which I referred to earlier, and the second video is how they treat different topics (do not miss as you measure "lean" the lord of the video, hehehehe).

    Did you remember this program? Sure ... and probably also those attempts healing you lived by your mother, right?

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cellular Respiration Ap Bio Lab

    As we have changed: Characters

    We've all evolved and changed over our lives. With us, everything has changed around us. Sometimes we do not realize, but the trend is undeniable. So elaborate a series of posts about various changes experienced by all of us, I will publish gradually. I hope you like them, and to help me with your suggestions.

    Today we start with the changes experienced in our childhood pesonajes: Cartoons and comics. Some of the changes seem incredible, but I assure you they are all real. Those with long memories sure to smile when they remember those characters and compare them with existing ones.

    elected today characters are:

    Mickey Mouse: Since Disney created this cute little mouse, has taken several forms and has changed considerably. Look at some of these changes:

    Garfield the cat: the evolution of this incredible cat who started out as a chubby character has become a finished 3D image leap to the big screen. His taste for lasagna however, has remained immune to change, lol.

    The Simpsons: Look at the family accompanied us for many years. Instead of aging, seems to have rejuvenated, jejejeje. Also I leave an evolution of Homer since childhood until now so that you see among other things how he was losing his hair (if you click on each image you will see larger)

    : Jump to Europe to see that this Frenchman has also been changing irreducible since it was created in 1959. Always accompanied by his inseparable Obelix, has been the terror of the Romans for decades.

    Mortaldelo and Philemon: We have already reached the English characters, which also had its own evolution. In my opinion has changed most of all is Philemon. Do not look at anything the first character and the current right?

    Zipi and Zape : These children are brothers forever tormented his father and his teacher Don Slipper Don Minervo for years. We have several generations who have grown up while they remained the same over time is not it exactly?

    Video Game Characters: We end this series with a set of characters you've played most of us on occasion. Look how they have changed characters like Super Mario, Sonic, Link (Legend of Zelda) and Donkey Kong. The truth is that before the imagination played a big role in games because the graphics left much to be desired.

    What do you say? Remember the first time all these characters? Although we have all been watching the changes, sometimes we have to emphasize it to realize this right?

    EDIT: To avoid any doubt I have to say: The images in this post have been collected from several Internet sites, through an image search engine. I'm pretty awkward with the Photoshop, so images are not mine. I do not want to attribute undue credit. Yes .... The idea of \u200b\u200bthe post (which I think is essential), the collection, the selection of characters and everything else if it is homegrown. Valoradlo in for good measure ... It is just that: a collection.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Is Pinky's Real Name?

    And you who you were?

    has always been competition and rivalry between them and other products. We have the habit of facing each other for everything ... and when we were kids, so much more. When we preferred a cartoon ever had one of our friends who prefer others. The same thing happened with the candy, sweets, sweets and so on.

    Today I want to remember these historical rivalries, these legendary battles, they will surely epic duels caused occasional argument and fight in the school courtyards. And yes ... wet and tell me who I was:

    VS Sugus candy Candy Chimes : there who likes the square things and who like round ... I was the candy I ate a ton Chimes. Even sucked ... I put them in the mouth and chewed. That's one of my sweetest memories of childhood: hives candy chimes.

    David the Gnome VS Judge Klaus : The two helped their fellows. One was a doctor and another judge. One was riding on the back of the Swift Fox and the other in the Swan Henry. I've always been more in favor of David, but there are many people who prefer to Klaus ... It's a matter of taste. The truth is that both documents the purple went to escape the trolls.

    Seiya VS Dragon Ball : yesterday posted an entry about the Knights of the Zodiac, so you can imagine by what of the two I choose me, hehehehe. The truth is that there are both single supporters of another series, but yes ... Both are impressive. Pegaso meteors and Goku Onda Vital Which of the two would win?

    Cola-Cao Nesquik VS : People rarely are everywhere, and they took the Nesquik. For me the Cola-Cao is unique and inimitable. The earth seems Nesquik but like everything ... to taste the colors.

    VS Nutella Nutella : Whether black or white, I always prefer Nutella. I'm faithful to that flavor that accompanied me throughout childhood as he sat watching television. However, it is normal that someone may also have been changed to Nutella, it is equally scrumptious.

    Super Mario VS Sonic : do not know if these two video game characters have ever faced each other, but the truth is that we have spend hours and hours of entertainment . I was more than Super Mario, but I recognize that the blue hedgehog was also the pole and certainly has a lot of supporters.

    These are just some examples of bitter fighting between each other childhood memories. They all have a fantastic time, its pros and cons. Seeing all this and recalling tell me ... And you of who you were?

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Friday, December 3, 2010

How To Patch Msx Roms?

    Pegaso Give me your strength! Wonder

    What a series, we remember today: Knights of the Zodiac . In my childhood was one of my favorites and in fact, I think it still is. Recently I have never seen whole downloaded from the Internet (hacking is one of my weaknesses, lol).

    gentlemen It was about defending the right from time immemorial. They were the descendants of the knights who fought for the goddess Athena in ancient Greece. Each of them had armor its emblem, and was associated with a constellation that gave him different powers ( Andromeda, Cygnus, Pegasus, Dragon , etc.).

    As a kid, what with the fighting freak who organized this series. The armor had were great, always protecting them from attack ... And when they got the gold armor, that it was total! So yes they were unstoppable.

    The main protagonist was Seiya the Pegasus Knight. There was none to resist his main attack, named "Pegasus Meteors." However, to me that I liked most was the knight of the Dragon, ever so balanced and so wisely.

    Then there were many other, as the knight of the swan, which launched its "Diamond Dust " or the Andromeda Knight, who wore his pink armor and fought with chains own life-like .

    Not only were fights and battles, but it also explained the personal stories of different men, relationships between them, their family lives, etc..

    Another cool thing was the song from the beginning. All about kids my age knew us: The singing loudly and flipábamos imagining that we as hard as these gentlemen. I remember in my class had a very nerdy kid (which I have already spoken in some other post), that every time I yawned and stretched, screamed with all her soul: Give me your strength, Pegasus! The rest of us with laughter and he imitated ...

    The Aesthetics of series was typical of Japanese cartoons of those years. Surely many kids became addicted to watching this series manga style.

    Here you have a video of the first episode (titled " When wearing armor Seiya Pegaso ," to see how you started this series:

    Do you guys remember this series? Sure. What was your favorite Zodiac Knight?

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rotadent Vs. Sonicare

    hairstyles ...

    Times change and fashions too. You need only look back a few years to see how they combed our idols at that time. Sure many of you have been to the owners of these pelucones hanging on the wall of your room in a poster, or decorating the folder that you brought.
    How many hours would pass before the mirror carded these manes?? No wonder the ozone layer is so deteriorated taking into account the amount of paint that was used.
    I hope you have not too much and do not be imitated by peinaros give equal they ... I do not even want to imagine the face of your neighborhood barber if you had come, saying, "Cut me hair like David Bowie" ... lol.
    Here you have a whole row of hair blonde, brown, curly, woolen, plain, dyed, etc.. typical of the period in which the lacquer and the carder were the kings of all parties.

    Do you recognize everyone?? Sure . Come ... What you think the best ever? I particularly am left with the happy family of the principle of entry. The father of her daughter is superorgulloso hairy, jajajajaja.

    By the way ... Of clothing and makeup and talk at length in another post ... are also worthy of admiration, jejejejeje. (80's power forever !!!!!)

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