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    Tommi Makinen 500

    brief history of one of the most famous competitions in world car racing.

    Recognized by analysts as one of the most famous competitions in the world, the Indy 500 are also distinguished by its unique call, by the high average speed are achieved and rich prizes that distributes among its 33 participants.

    The first edition of the legendary race was held in 1911 on a brick floor, which today remains a fringe-the famous "Brickyard" - as a tribute to those who a century ago assumed the challenge of programming a long-term mechanical event and a significant requirement for men and máquinas.La realization of that initial competition was almost by chance, on a stage that was built in 1909 and had its official baptism until two years later.

    Originally, the organizers felt that in that pattern could develop a sort of chopped, with a massive turnout of fans, who would be able to place bets millonarias.Después have verified that the project did not work, we chose to pursue a different career all that were scheduled at that time: nothing less than a distance of 500 miles -804 miles-and a circuit that allowed their special characteristics to achieve very high speeds.

    An American, Ray Harroun, driving a Marmon Wasp, which now occupies a privileged place in the Museum, and an approximate speed of 120 mph, was the first to inscribe his name in the history of winners the mythical competencia.Durante the early years, the Europeans staged the coup on several occasions. Two Frenchmen and a Briton celebrated at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before the First World War forced to introduce a parenthesis two years on the run.

    Following the resumption of the Indianapolis 500, the domain of the local drivers was overwhelming, and without any interruption, until the mid 60's, when he broke the hegemony of a fantastic driver named Jim Clark. "The Scottish Flying, "about a Lotus emerged from the inexhaustible capacity of the talented Colin Chapman, was returning to give a victory to the Europeans after half a century, breaking a tradition that had been set firmly in the history of the prueba.Clark was responsible for point the way for other foreign pilots followed suit after his feat, and Graham Hill the following year and others who did some time later, not only European but also American.

    Among the members of this latter group, the Brazilians scored a strong presence at the time of traditional celebration with a bottle of milk. The first to do so was Emerson Fittipaldi, who then imitated his fellow Helio Castroneves and Gil de Ferran. Not be omitted from this review the names of Canadian Jacques Villeneuve and Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya.

    The circuit is not a perfect oval. Its area is 2.5 miles (4,023 meters) and consists of two lines long (1,000 meters each), two short lines (200 meters each) and four curves (400 meters each) with nine degrees. Its width is just over 15 meters around the perimeter and connoisseurs often compared to a "giant race track." It's a scenario that has no escape routes in outer chord, so the impacts are common machine against the concrete wall, which functions as a retaining wall. Side crashes usually do not cause serious consequences for its protagonists, although collisions often result in serious injury.

    addition, the design of the track, incidents often occur in chains, following of the few options offered by the design to overcome such situations carrera.Otro issue to be taken into account is the floor, since for high averages are reached, before any rain, and strictly for reasons of safety, activity pauses the track, or directly terminates the competition if the distance covered warrants that the organizers make that decision.

    In 2010, Helio Castroneves, his fourth pole and if it is imposed is also his fourth victory. Thus, Spiderman would equal at the top of the legend AJ Foyt, Al Unser and Rick Mears. However, a large host of rivals, no less than 32, try to spoil the party the owner of the franchise 'Burger King' in Brazil. The most dangerous, no doubt, will Power, Dixon and Franchitti.

    The "Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the largest enclosed world, with a total area of \u200b\u200b2,262,273 m2. So scared capacity: 375,000 tickets and seat between 60,000 and 100,000 more than grass. Everything on the legendary oval Indiana, home of the 500, the most famous race IndyCar championship, is superlative, as the impressive control tower inspired by Japanese architecture with over a thousand posts for the Press.

    2010 also will down in history as the 500 with more female presence. No fewer than four: Ana Beatriz Caselato, Simona de Silvestro, Sarah Fisher and the one who led the race and the podium (he was third in 2009), the world famous Danica Patrick. And one more, Milka Duno, he was on the verge of qualifying.

    The 500 miles are broadcast live in 212 countries, including Argentina, and last year saw 294 million people, thirty of them in the U.S..

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