Saturday, March 26, 2011

White Patch Above Eyebrow

    A seed of Ramsey

    pass over England and Wales fell within the predictable. The Millennium Stadium, which was filled for the occasion, was aware of the few opportunities to win over their British neighbors, which is enough to fifteen minutes to decide the match . Beyond the result, separating the defeat of the turning point that led, in a gesture to establish guidelines that will lead Wales in the coming years: Aaron Ramsey made his debut as captain. Gary Speed, Welsh technician, announced in the pre-game that the young Arsenal premiered bracelet and threw it aside any criticism on the appropriateness of translating into a kind of twenty years the pressure of a soccer team. But Aaron Ramsey is greater.

    It is difficult not to think about his dramatic injury when he speaks, more complicated is not classified as one of the greatest hopes of the world stage. Slightly over the thirty or so games with the ' Gunners' Premier League but is confident in him as a bastion of face time to this project. That day at the Brittania in that action from Ryan Shawcross, Welsh suffered a moral wallop that hit much harder than physical pain. His recovery period has been slow and needed to over-reliance supported by the Arsenal. After his return, and after two short assignments in the Nottingham Forest and Cardiff City, the team that he was born, Ramsey is already part of the reality of the 'gunner'.

    Gary Speed \u200b\u200bsaid before the game against England: " am very happy and he is very happy. I made the decision (to become captain) because I thought it was best for the team and the future of the " . Now draw a selection Welsh in command of an idea about football that is capable of generating the Arsenal midfielder. Ramsey has camouflaged the scar, reflects the memory of his injury last season, with a tattoo on her leg . Gareth Bale is more decisive and Craig Bellamy takes longer, but the seed of his country has been placed on Aaron Ramsey. The fact of having suffered such a severe injury has catapulted into the moral, and also in football: "I hope to example how I play." This is a topic of future and no hierarchy because the barrier of age on the wrecks with your projection. Wales awaits.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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    The effectiveness of the signings

    It's been almost two months since it closed transfer market in England and begins to be time to assess the level they have as players in their new teams. There are more successes than mistakes in hiring and some surprises in performance. We will make a list of the most successful at least prolific, to this day.

    - Demba Ba, Senegal was one of many signings that made the West Ham with the goal of salvation. After five games, four starts, and has scored four goals. Nestled in the side of Avram Grant, and if not prevented by injury, must be decisive in this final stretch of the season if the Hammers want more about permanence. His best day comeback against WBA where he made two goals.

    - Luis Suarez : Uruguay has not needed adjustment period to conquer Anfield and make the opposing player's time at Liverpool. He made his debut with a goal against Stoke, dazzled and amazed against Manchester United and returned to find the net in the final game against Sunderland. Carroll, recently recovered from a prolonged injury, would be on the list have played more.

    - Jamie O'Hara and Adam Hammill : The Wolves' three wins in their last five games we can well be attributed to them in a high percentage. Both the Spur as the end signed from Barnsley (and former Liverpool) have joined the talented line of attack (Milijas, O'Hara, Jarvis, Hammill and Doyle) and Mick McCarthy have become the hopeful plea to keep confidence in the continued .

    - David Luiz : Debuted as a substitute against Liverpool. He completed a great match at Craven Cottage but he made an unnecessary penalty. Shone again and scored against Man Utd at Stamford Bridge. In the final game scored again against Man City. Its potential is the best center in the world, and impulsive different, but effective at the end of the day. Would be higher if their performance was offset by the game and the results of his team.

    - Daniel Sturridge : The youth of Chelsea scored four goals in his first four games with Bolton and was crowned in the team. The position of striker Elmander has shifted to the right and ownership is now beyond question. After countless times at Chelsea, it seems that the command of Owen Coyle can find their full potential. That is something.

    - Bentley, Carlos Vela, Bent : The Spur player has come to a team where you have leadership, something he missed in London. The recent achievement of the Carling Cup and its great influence in the first games they think they can be key in Birmingham. Sailing is not even an undisputed but WBA has given several vital points, particularly on the Stoke in the last minute. And Bent, whose high-profile move was marked the day of his debut against Man City the winning goal barely touching the ball throughout the match. is his football. Goals. Just finish. Now three with Aston Villa.

    - John Carew : Punished for their injuries and used as a package in the Operation Bent ', the Norwegian went to a football team to operate air qualities. The lack of pressure by the drop relaxes each of their matches. A goal and in the dry dock today.

    - Robbie Keane : Before explaining who is injured from the first match with West Ham would have to question the necessity of his signing. It is true that marked the day of his debut, he played as a starter, but the fact remains that it will be really hard to go back home and, indeed, to let his image above the Demba Ba, which accounts all the praise at Upton Park.

    - Edin Dzeko : Their encouraging start in The City of Manchester did presage a beautiful story with Tevez as a couple, but time has judged that his support will have to be studied and analyzed. Has not yet been released in Premier and from that day against the Wolves has been questioned even his title. In fact, there is a fixed Mancini.

    - Fernando Torres : most expensive signing and media of the year in England. Its adaptation to Chelsea gets really in doubt, the scheme Ancelotti is forced to change or leave Malouda, Anelka and Drogba on the bench and has not yet been released as a scorer. There are many who doubt the profitability of its signing. I would give him time deserves.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

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    A phrase that defines a sport

    " is noted with sadness that the steps will lead to the dominance of the richest clubs. The professional football foster a desire to win at all costs, turning what should be a heavenly stronghold in society torn apart, a source of pleasure and moral virtue in a more . " Inigo Gurruchaga

    'Scunthorpe to death. "
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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    A two-month career

    discarded in the fight for the Premier League in the first month of competition, eliminated from Anfield Carling Cup in September by the Northampton, dismounted from the FA Cup in January by Manchester United and grabbed the only option left in Europe League, Liverpool has before it a tragic situation for next season: to enter Europe has become a highly unlikely target. Two months left to decide the course of next year.

    The sixth-placed - current position of Liverpool in the Premier League will not be in Europe . Why? England has four invitations to compete in the Champions League and three for the Europa League. First, the champion was Birmingham Carling Cup (European participation ensured in 2011-2012) after beating Arsenal at Wembley, which was reduced by a European place in the table. But also the FA Cup final of the play for Bolton or Stoke (against Man Utd or Man City, which will qualify for Europe for the direct route), so a new position is reduced. That is, the Europeans occupy positions: Birmingham, Bolton / Stoke and fifth.

    The filtered current Liverpool situation further their chances of qualifying to 1) win the Europa League and 2) remain fifth in the Premier League. The problem does not stop at this but the chances of success are more rather small. For starters, the Reds should take forward its elimintoria against Braga at Anfield, as they brought a 1-0 win against Portugal. Moreover, competition in Europe is highest League, with teams like Porto, Villarreal v Bayer Leverkusen, Benfica or Dinamo Kiev, if you finish off the 3-0 finish that won at Manchester City. The biggest problem is not rivals, but Liverpool's own performance, which hardly convincing.

    In England, things do not vary much, although it may be 'something' more optimistic. A final nine games, the Reds are six points behind Tottenham (Spurs with a game) but are at Anfield in the penultimate round. Keep in mind that Liverpool also has to face the Man City and Arsenal, who are the most complicated grief are subtracted. Are six points for Dalglish salvageable? It seems like only way to get into Europe next season and, most importantly, provide the necessary continuity to the new project sports and has made payment to .
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

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    Street In Front of Championship oblivion

    One of the most repeated scenes in 'Dexter' shows the protagonist of the television series at the wheel of his car, in the dark of night, driving in Looking for your next target, a new step towards its realization. Always eager to take advantage of the hunger that produce their actions, Dexter is a difficult person, stranger to all his companions and extremely meticulous. His behavior challenges day after day, critique their ideals lonely man while ignoring the reasons that direct you toward it. He knows he is different, nobody will come to justify their actions, but also knows his virtue: to be different, distinct and brilliant at times.

    The situation has some similarities to the current moment is Stephen Ireland, who live hidden in Newcastle on loan to Aston Villa, and beaten constantly by all his physical problems. The Irish player could stage an episode of Dexter so much like the song ' Street oblivion' of Secrets. It seems that Ireland never shines the day, in his winding street streetlights rarely work, which is the guise of various stages in recent months, and can not find a course that years ago he headed for the most elite and successful news. Sentenced to its particular night, dark, cold, with a blurred way, only memories remain of his most brilliant recent past .

    have commented
    Alan Pardew, manager of Newcastle, Ireland wants to sign a permanent contract to stay with one type of player who is conspicuous by its absence from St James Park. Now is the time to ' remember what was and what could have been ', to trust you find the map to guide you along the path of physical health, professional behavior that has given so much trouble, and a continuity that has hardly enjoyed. Because they want to stop seeing Ireland walking at night, perhaps because there is still a little light on the side street and because it's worth forgetting not to leave any of his fabulous flashing .
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    Powers of steam engines, stationary, Europe

    Thousand horsepower

    G. De Freitas: 900 History texts and documents, Vol.III.S├ęculos XVIII, XIX and XX. Platano Editora, Lisboia, 1975. (From Germany Grup-75)

    What meaning can be the continuous increase of the steam engine in Europe?
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Is Matula Tea A Scam?

    Little more than a quarter of the season by playing in Championship could say that they are up to twelve teams that aim to fight for promotion. Ignoring the highly competitive level in the second category and giving English for granted, it is interesting to note the number of rams that shine in a second step and might have room in the Premier League next year. Jay Bothroyd (Cardiff City), which debuted internationally and Luciano Becchio (Leeds) are certainly the best. From this point, a long list of names to watch:


    The player of the month of December has become the real revelation of the season. Came almost two years ago £ 200.000 and harvested yield in Watford is outstanding. His match against QPR, of the year's best . Danny Graham, 25, already has 18 goals and 6 assists in addition to being one of the most interesting pairs category with Marvin Sordello (19 years). Watford, helped the whole year that has managed assignments, needs a good run to reach the playoff.


    Known since its passage by the Premier League, Shane Long sweetened its name to make winning goal against Liverpool at Anfield in the FA Cup last year. Evil in the uncheck and intelligent in the end, with 17 goals and 11 assists is a regular for Ireland at age 24. His arrival at Reading was at zero cost to your country and won the Young Player of the Year in 2007.


    always with suitcases in hand and changing teams at the junior level English-even got to play in Singapore ", Great Holt came to Norwich two years ago for £ 400,000 where he was the architect player the rise of the 'Canaries' scoring 30 goals in 44 games. This season, one of the surprise teams, Holt has scored 14 goals and assisted a dozen times. The Norwich depends heavily on its effectiveness, as well as Lansbury (on loan from Arsenal) and Wes Hoolahan, if you want to stay in playoff positions.

    Matt Fryatt

    The former striker Leicester undisputed in recent seasons ended up at Hull City last winter for £ 1.2m. A twenty-five years, Matty Fryatt got the record with the 'foxes' in the last 42 years to reach the goal score before Christmas. Recognized as a supporter of Manchester United, this season has collected nine goals, seven of them in Hull, which enabled the 'tigers' flirting with playoff positions after a regular season start.


    On that memorable afternoon September where Burnley came from behind to Preston, Jay Rodriguez scored the goal of victory in the last minute. Now add and 9 goals in his 21 years Championship and international debut as a sub 21 few dates ago. On a computer too rough but very talented, Jay Rodriguez has won the title ahead of Iwelumo and the 2010-2011 season being the first in what is a regular at the starting line.


    After several failed attempts at Sheffield United and fond memories of Scunthorpe, Billy Sharp came Doncaster this summer for £ 1.15m after a previous period of assignment. After having added 15 goals at this point championship with Doncaster positioned in a quiet place in the table, England striker James Hayter-couple, 7 goals, no pressure will make to save his team.

    Steve Morison

    remember his game this year against Scunthorpe which really caught my attention. Aware of his physical power, he used his size, not quality-limited for two of the three goals of equipment. Steve Morison (27) was two years ago at Millwall and the last four seasons has never dropped twenty points. this year and takes 11 , his team is mid-table and shares staff with one of the most interesting young Category: James Henry .


    The most interesting and appealing is that of Brett Pitman, Jersey native, a British Crown Dependency in the channel La Mancha with a most curious history. His football structure is precarious and professionals are conspicuous by their absence. Here lies its merit. At 23, came to Bristol City from League One, Bournemouth, and has already scored 10 goals. And promises.

    We could have pointed out, also, for example:

    Chopra (Cardiff City), Dexter Blackstock and Robbie Earnshaw (Nottingham Forest), Nicky Maynard (Bristol City), Helguson (QPR), Kris Boyd (Middlesbrough) Marcus Tudgay (Nottingham Forest), Jon Parkin (Cardiff City), Tamas Priskin (Ipswich Town), Paul Gallagher (Leicester City), Marlon King (Coventry City) Joe Garner (loan at Scunthorpe), James Vaughan (Crystal Palace), or Connor Wickham (Ipswich Town), player of the month in February.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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    Poor Everton and present Rodwell

    Another year we will stay with the intrigue of where it has its limits Everton , assuming that its staff invites more achievements to get. This time it was Reading who has felled the 'Toffees' FA Cup (0-1) in the same Goodison Park. The team currently with Championship did more credit for passing the qualifying round and will face Aston Villa or Manchester City. The agony of penalty shootout victory at Stamford Bridge a few days ago did not serve as a stimulus for David Moyes, who showed too many loopholes.

    Enter now the question of when they reach the tipping point. Remain several months of competition and their only objective is to get one of the European places in the Premiership, which would be within reach of not having started the season at such a low level. Since it began in 2011 have reaped a good run of results, which are joined around Rodwell after his serious injury and the return of Cahill, top scorer of the team and was low during Asia Cup. But why do they keep leaving that taste so irregular?

    Without detracting from the big game at Reading, which eliminated the roots of the creation of Everton and, therefore, its key players, Arteta, the 'toffees' just had real chances to go around the goal Mills in the first half. With Arteta off, Moyes took, is it wrongly, the decision to replace the two flyers, Bilyaletdinov and Coleman, two physical players and attack and criticized Anichebe Beckford, made all the right lane to the left for Neville Baines. Why waste a source of danger as are the bands? Why keep Neville Coleman and not when it seeks greater depth and strength to the side?

    Rodwell, however, was constantly alternating field position. Already he has seen this year from the midfielder, behind Cahill, up to midfield, passing even the steering wheel straight. Which should be a mainstay on the computer today is not found, or not, "the perfect place to exploit its strengths. About to turn twenty, to Rodwell'll see this summer's European Under-21, but it would make a promising return to English in show, now that Everton have nothing to what I'll get, that the details left spring 2010 were not the result chance.
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