Sunday, February 27, 2011

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    The flavor of a final

    Birmingham, who won the Carling Cup 2011

    " may be absurd, but yet I dare say that football is a wonderful sport, and of course it is. The goals are the value of the weird. I love the rhythm of football, the absence of preconceived formulas, I love how can low against the high, the feeble against the strong, something not occur in any other contact sport, I love that the best equipment is not always the winner, is sensational how combines strength with intelligence.

    allows players look really cosmetic and does so in almost all sports would be impossible: a diving header well coordinated, a volley well connected, allowing the body to achieve a posture and elegance that many athletes never might exhibit.

    This is something that is not ever out of a football field. Across the country, it is not possible to be anywhere else and feel like I was really in the center of everything. It does not matter what club you go, what theatergoers, what movie, what show, what restaurant: life will followed up elsewhere, regardless of our absence, as always happens. But when I'm at Highbury in a game like this, I have the feeling that the world has stopped, that is gathered outside the stadium, waiting to know what was the result.

    Nick Hornby, 'Friebre in the stands'.
    Arsenal 1 to 2 Birmingham City
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

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    A Smalling 0-0 to see

    At the moment you are about to watch a game whose outcome you know you lose one of the most decisive factors football: unpredictable. It is still worse when the marker has been a goalless draw and no you no other choice than to grab individual actions such as balance of a meeting with no aim and few opportunities. Ninety minutes later, a strange feeling comes over you have used the time before the most striking player in the window of the Velodrome: Chris Smalling.

    In just twenty minutes gone, the central Manchester United had already been anticipated even three times to Brandao. Come to rest, Smalling had only missed a long through ball from his own half. And when the referee signals the end of the meeting, the young Englishman finished second part flawless, rich in punt head output brilliant ball and great in terms of solvency. It was the second high-level review in the last two weeks: in the derby against City would be unfair to qualify below and France was notable for outstanding merit.

    " He did an excellent job again, he likes to defend and gave an example of how it is evolving " sentenced Ferguson, who had raised the meeting in a rather conservative. One could speak of the level that gives the holder Gibson, why Rooney is lost in the field so easily or few details left when Nani is expected, but that was another matter. This time it was Smalling. And he deserved it.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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    Three plus one of two perfect Hardcastle

    Yesterday in Denmark, Carlo Ancelotti Drogba sat on the bench to align and Anelka Torres (brace from French) as a couple of attack. Not only surprised that the Ivorian was the sacrifice but the proposed 4-4-2 Chelsea was unthinkable in previous forecasts. Malouda was positioned on the left, as steering wheel, and where performance has improved over the past two years, remember the wonderful spring season past-and Ramires is tentatively outlined in the right lane, leaving the entire field amplitude increases Bosingwa. The victory (0-2) against Copenhagen does not reveal any question in understanding how to build an eleven where they can play Drogba and Torres.

    Despite possessing 55% of Danes, Chelsea did not suffer the danger of a goal. The good of the plants was accompanied by a remarkable match and Essien Ramires combining the recovery of the ball, which came gently to her feet when Claudemir Kvist and were pressed with a logical order, in addition to the participation of Lampard between defense and attack. The international position English, the choice between Ramirez and Mike and the soccer organization Malouda, the unknowns are high after a key question that justified Ancelotti as managers of minutes: Drogba, Torres, Anelka, Torres Torres or only? With the 4-3-3 with which we were accustomed, everything indicated that the attacking trio formed with two ends and a latch. Cleverly, Ancelotti seems to have ruled out the option as neither Anelka Malouda or adapt to a place where Benayoun, still injured, perhaps the best suited.

    But Malouda would be effective to eliminate the Eleven of Chelsea? Shuffling the alternatives that are managed, and assimilating the necessary ownership of Malouda, Torres and Drogba, bet a 4-4-2 conversion of parts where Essien would be indisputable in a diamond almost formed by Lampard in the company of Ghanaian and by Malouda and Ramires on the sides leaving the winter signing, Torres, Drogba made age. Go-ahead for two offensive side, Cole and Bosingwa, and a physical midfield. Three forwards in search of two posts about the adaptation of a still unsettled but with the large sum of Malouda in an effective cover for their qualities. Three for two plus one.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

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    's counter response as a resource to an adverse situation. A brief offensive action, moved, combined and without error that decides the outcome of two games. The day of Champions League left us two brilliant examples of how to run a counter and swing the outcome in your favor. Although the details differ skip between them, the situation is virtually unchanged. The meetings in question were the Milan - Tottenham and Arsenal - Barcelona.

    Contextualization San Siro would be summarized in one of the local attacks (minute 79), persistent for the second half, and a very well-crafted defense of the Spurs. Ibrahimovic tries to filter a pass to break the first line of pressure but finds Tottenham theft Sandro (0'2 "). The Brazilian assists its referent, Modric, who turns his body towards the opponent at the same field time that Lennon uncheck accelerates in Ibrahimovic's back. The Croatian navigated a light touch and pressure milanista Lennon gets the ball (0'4 ") on home soil with space ahead: perfect situation to exploit its strengths . In just six seconds of an attack has passed rossonero a friendly against the Spurs.

    Nesta movement leaves only Crouch

    just five seconds later, Lennon is facing Thiago Silva on the edge of the penalty area. It's a two for two: Lennon & Crouch and Thiago Silva & Nesta. The English end with a touch of dodge ball to Thiago Silva (0.10) and Nesta try to block the shot in the area. Crouch is automatically unmarked in the penalty spot, receives the pass from Lennon and crossing the ball scores (0 '13). Just fifteen seconds passed since the theft and define Sandra Crouch. A very short space of time may well have defined a playoff. Sandro interception, receipt of Modric, the uncheck and Lennon's career, his dribble and the definition of Crouch. Wonderful.

    very similar situation which came a day later in the Emirates. In time of similar encounter (minute 82) to the San Siro, with a tie score and the changes that seemed all made decisive, Barcelona right wing attack. The video that illustrates this entry shows the exact moment where Koscielny moves in to intercept a pass in their own area and assists Bendtner (0'2 "), the starting point in a succession of movements which become decisive in setting the perfect counterattack.

    Cesc is released and three of Barcelona are on the ball

    First, glaring error Barcelona players (up to three) will cover the pass from Bendtner (0'4 ") Wilshere leaving a clear passing lane. Busquets emphasize movement, leaving Cesc, which is already endangered in essence, and that will be key in accelerating the move. Secondly, Wilshere gets the ball and assist the first touch and an unmarked Cesc (0'5 ") which outlines his body in a turned-fabulous view of the situation for a control-oriented and send a ball. Finally, Nasri, who had begun his career when he receives the ball Bentdner (0'4 "), refers to the assistance of Cesc (0.10") at the edge of the area of \u200b\u200bBarcelona and stops to wait for their peers . By cutting open a passing lane (0'14 ") and Arshavin against manual defines a football (0.16).

    3x1 Barcelona and two Arsenal players free

    the same time it took Arsenal and Tottenham in making a move to attack based on various movements perfect. Both moves are reminiscent of the famous race Theo Walcott at Anfield in 2009 in a quarter-final of the Champions League, although this time, we should emphasize the merit of rapid flooding of the Arsenal player.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

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    The feeling of suffocation caused by the edge of the drop is incomparable to any other decision of a league table . While the European places are most competitive never-five teams qualify for four seats and there is even favorite take the Premier League ", the decline covers eight points in just ten positions. Direct duels, tension in every game and not always self-reliance. Surprised to see teams like Everton or Aston Villa in late position but presumably more or less suffering will eventually solve their problems.

    First, would a group of teams that finish the season without pain or glory, one beyond their means (Stoke City) and others wishing he had better start (Everton, Aston Villa). Those of Tony Pulis is an example of how to make an ideology game and squeeze every last point. Both Everton and Aston Villa began as the negative surprises but inertia has allowed them to take pace. The 'Toffees' Premier combine their progress with a boost in FA Cup, while Aston Villa is using the signing of Bent and its own quarry. Also Blackburn, who has fully exploited its resources and, if everything continues as it seems, have no problem in staying.

    There is another group consisting of Newcastle, Fulham and Birmingham, the theory says it will end up saving. The Newcastle should live, not without problems, the income obtained with Carroll as a striker. Now, orphans of a reference, each point will be a world for them. Fulham were clinging to the imminent return of Bobby Zamora and the good run they have achieved (8 points from the previous 15) plus the latest draw against Chelsea, which may well be a victory Dempsey had not missed the penalty. Finally, in the Birmingham highlight the good work during the winter to be with Bentley, which has already been instrumental in two games since playing at St Andrews. The wide player is intended to be understood like a charm with Zigic, who seems to have done-finally-with a hole in the side.

    Zamora's return seems paramount

    inevitable that Blackpool is presumed, West Brom, Wigan, West Ham and Wolves will play the relegation zone. Five teams to three positions. Both Blackpool and WBA, newly promoted, started the year in a superb form but have been involved in a disastrous run of results despite the good game (not always good, but attractive, fun) that have been relegated to the tail classification. Wigan Roberto Martinez has all season to limit the stay, holding weekly posts that lead you to Championship. Much has to change its dynamics, especially on defense. The West Ham is a team for well below their means, subject to a tug of war but will not finish booting, each time with less margin. It seems that the signing signings Demba Ba, O'Neil, Bridge, in addition to good performance Piquionne, Mark Noble and Scott Parker serve as an impetus to the permanence . Perhaps those who have fewer options to stay are the Wolves, bottom side for many days, they can only imagine the stay if the above was sung at the end of the year. Jarvis, O'Hara, Doyle or Milijas are our hope.

    decrease Bet: 18 ยบ Wigan, WBA 19 th, 20 th Wolves.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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    Football and the intangible

    One of the features most attractive football, yet more elusive, is the intangible value of many of the facets of the game, this quality by which fans are relegated to the background, barely able to understand the why of things. The fan does not serve as intangible cooked in a locker room, stays in a parallel orbit, until all eleven players cross the line of the field and combine with the thousands of faithful who, somehow, also seeking the same goal. It is not a normal occurrence, few players have that stigma only thing apart from the crowd, and that within the group of elected yet they highlight their differential attribute. It is extremely difficult to find a player capable of making an outline of the fate of his team through the sacrifice and the appeal to values.

    One wonders how to explain how different, how to make a comparison in a situation of such difficulty. A result side 3-0 lead against a direct rival for the fall and playing in the attacking half. Few nightmares could begin such a dramatic fashion. And at halftime when the moment passes by, to differ, but that goes unnoticed by the rest of these in the stands. Scott Parker, captain of West Ham and character of a club icon distorted, disguised as Churchill and adjust the pessimistic attitude of his ten colleagues in the field. " At half, Scott Parker was the inspiration in the locker room. When I left the camp told him that I had caused much " said Carlton Cole .

    exceeded the predictable situation, became a motivator, a leader in differential capacity. Brought up the stigma only to turn the game in an attractive object in an objective manner. " He was in the middle, I had never seen anything like it. Sometimes you need your captain crossing the boundaries in this way. If you were there you would certainly be dropped a tear." The West Ham changed its face, getting the tie with three in the second half and even had plenty of chances to take all three points. A stirring comeback led by a captain whose symbolism than its football. A new sense of leadership and another chapter in the miracles of Scott Parker . Immaterial perfectionist, careful and opportunistic motivation during the match. The intangible value of football is so important and so crucial that we work in groups, in the locker room to change the dynamics of a result. The fans now have more reason to continue to rely on permanence.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Welded Wire Fence Leaners

    early last season, Owen Coyle was the manager of Burnley unknown, an innocent team newly promoted to the Premier League. The Scot, always with a youthful aroma and sportswear made up his shorts and a sweatshirt with the colors of the club, heading to Burnley to enter without trouble tied relegation while the victories at Turf Moor aware that their salvation lay in its strength at home. The early success was echoed in Bolton because of poor run of results and the bad game shown by the 'trotters'. Novelty chose to change the direction of the team. Owen Coyle signed on Christmas Rated penultimate Premier League leaving home, Burnley, under control.

    As anyone who arrives at a new place, Owen Coyle began to redistribute and to design new lines of what would be his Bolton. Chose to follow their own ideology, decanted by the good football and decorated their squad with players for the occasion. Opted for the youth to leave the pit, got the assignment of Jack Wilshere and Vladimir Weiss, and gave them the confidence to express the possibilities of permanence. Organized a team according to their qualities and Bolton became a place of touch, precision and even attractive football. Every weekend was a reason to see the progression of Stuart Holden, the forward pass from Lee Chung Yong, small dose of Mark Davies or the consecration of Gary Cahill. Owen Coyle saved his new Burnley Bolton while drowning in the decline in direction Championship.

    parallel stories of a coach who still deservedly in the top flight coach who was the surprise team of the first half championship. He stressed the youth and joined Rodrigo, Marcos Alonso, and invest, also got Sturridge. The aim of Kevin Davies and Johan Elmander Bolton he delighted to be a regular point of the headboard posts. But now, with twenty-six rounds played, the powder appears to be wet and the Swede misses from the day 16 and the England international does not score for five games. The data show the number of three goals Bolton in the last five games and one win in the last seven. For the first time this season, the 'trotters' add more defeats than victories in the aggregate.

    What a bump does not betray the good path that has led a team for an entire year, an oversight that do not make them suffer in recent days and that a coach with so much ability to shape a team according to your needs be valued in the dimension it deserves. Bolton Owen Coyle.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

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    toward success Polishing variants with Carroll

    In line with the hiring of Andy Carroll for Liverpool and its potential value as a holder of England striker I stopped fantasizing about the possible combinations of the English medium term. Several names have appeared at once brilliant, options that can overcome current and future real hope for anyone with hopes of seeing some minimum to play just now are almost twenties. In a position determined by the tastes and other evidence given before the next image is an eleven alternative to complicated even today, they would line up for England in a period of years. And you, who would get?

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